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How interesting is your hacking career, if you're one?


Sukriti Bumb

There is always hope

Many of you may wonder whether somebody has a career in hacking. Yes, people like me do have a career in hacking, and it is known as ethical hacking where individuals like me hack into the computer networks of business legally to find out about potential risks or security threats from illegal hackers. Once information is received about loopholes in the security network of a business, we hackers whose bread and butter is hacking, use this information for addressing any security threats and ultimately tighten up the computer network with required measures.

Hacking career is one of the most interesting careers I must say. It is, to be honest, the coolest job on earth as you will do everything which a normal hacker does but without having any criminal record and you can sometimes cause some serious chaos in the company. 

Another interesting thing is that hackers with careers in a company make 16 times more money than software engineers, and that is all legal. The salary of a hacker starts from $20,000 to $300,000 annually, depending on their skills.

The most fun part of having hacking as a career is that you are faced by new challenges every day rather than completing the same tasks every other day in any other white-collar job. I love this career as it is always changing, and once the bug in the security system has been discovered and addressed properly; there will be another bug waiting to be discovered.

I love this job as I am always providing solutions for threats that I discover. This is fun and creativity, which comes with this career as situations, and threats are always changing, so I have to adapt to change every single day. This is why I enjoy my career in hacking a lot.

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