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How has robotics changed manufacturing technology?


Vimala Patil

I am my own muse

History of robotics in manufacturing can be dated back to 1961 when they were entered into this field for the very first time. Unimate robots were used for the first time with the General Motors workforce, and they were amazing for pouring liquid metals. They were able to perform welding tasks too. After the utilization of robotics in 1961, humans discovered that robotic systems were able to perform many manufacturing tasks with greater speed in comparison to humans. So after that time, companies started to use robotics in the manufacturing process. Robotics has greatly revolutionized manufacturing technologies. Here we will see the benefits of robotics for the manufacturing industry.

  • Improves efficiency: Robotics improves the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. Robotic systems are fast, and they perform so many tasks with greater speed. In less time, more tasks are completed with the help of robots, so manufacturing technologies are getting great benefits from them. Manufacturing units are earning huge profits by making more in less time. So the efficiency of the manufacturing units has been greatly improved.

  • 24/7 services: Humans get tired, but robots do not. They are ready to serve for 24/7 without any trouble. So when companies use these robots in the manufacturing process, they can continue their work without any interruption. In this way, they can earn more by making more in less time. 

  • Facilitates to perform complex tasks: Robots are quite flexible. They can be customized according to the manufacturing needs of a unit. And they can even perform those complex tasks that humans find difficult to perform. So they have greatly changed the working technologies of a manufacturing unit.

  • Paves the way towards automation: Use of robotics is expanding. There was a time when limited tasks were taken from these robots, but now the approach has been changed. From manufacturing to packaging, these robots are ready to serve in every aspect. Even small manufacturing industries can go for automation too. That is quite amazing.

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