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How has e-commerce transformed marketing?


Sabina Patil

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Since businesses started accepting e-commerce as a mode of doing business, retail marketing changed massively! The internet just not changed its style of working for buying and selling of commodities and services but also made a massive impact on the methods used by service providers to target clients. Now the businesses are keen to take advantages of e-commerce platform and to make the business positioned correctly exclusive marketing strategies are used.  One of the commonly asked questions in today’s business world is how e-commerce transformed marketing. Scroll down to read the answers below: 

• Complete control on the retail world: It will not be wrong to say that the retail world lost its control over the internet.  Here we mean online shopping and E-commerce as a whole. It indicates that now the retailers are critically looking for ways which can satisfy the current demands of shoppers and also deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction across different platforms equally.

• E-commerce turned retail marketing quite cheaper and easily accessible for all: Digital marketing platforms managed to win the market, and now it’s easy to advertise on this market and get the attention of prospective customers.  The significant impact of e-commerce is that it made marketing quite cheaper as well as accessible to businesses of every shape and sizes. Even a business with a small marketing budget can run an online campaign for a business or product promotion efficiently on this platform.

• Easy understanding of customer demands: As e-commerce is playing an important role to know about the ways shoppers take shopping decision, companies find it easy to connect with such specific consumers analyzing the purchase and their browsing history besides interests and exact location. Using such data, brands can look for product suggestions and use promotional deals, for excellent customer experience with increased sales.

• E-commerce makes way to reach new customers: 80% of the digital marketers believe social media platforms make correct use of all resources for the small businesses, and the answer is easy; social media marketing, as well as paid search, gave scope for retail enterprises to reach maximum customers than they did before.

• E-commerce changed the way people shop: As major marketing of businesses is done online these days, it becomes easy for the customers to know what new is available. Now in place of visiting retail stores physically, customers prefer to shop online which offers a lower price than physical stores.

The above are a few ways of how e-commerce transformed marketing.

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