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How does technology affect human relationships?

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Tabeed Vyas

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With technological advancements and the information age, lots of things have changed, and that involves the change in human relationships. Several technological advancements such as instant messaging apps, emails, and social media have made interactions between humans very easy and smooth.  This has helped to ease communication between friends and families irrespective of their distances. Thanks to technology. You can call, text and even see your loved ones wherever they may be. Working with people in different locations has also been made easy with innovations like conference calls. Long distance relationships have also been made possible. There exist several dating websites that link up to different people and make communication easy between these couples. Although technology makes interactions between humans easy, technology can in many ways impede human relationships. It can affect negatively the way humans relate and connect. Personal interactions, in the long run, may not be going well although the advantages technology seems to offer. Below are a few ways technology can negatively affect relationships.

1. Inability to detect the tone of the message

This is especially the case with text messages, on social media or in an email. Very often it is difficult to detect the tone of the message you receive. It is difficult to tell if someone is angry, happy, being sarcastic or indifferent. The context of the message is as important as the content and not being able to know the context in which the message was written, hearing a voice or seeing action will leave you guessing sometimes.

2.   You do not feel a personal connection with the person you are talking to

Very often when you text, you do not feel a personal connection with the person you are talking to. What helps us feel human connections are the smiles and the emojis, but sometimes, these are not enough. A handshake, a hug, a kiss, will make you feel more connected to someone than emojis will ever do.

3. Technology limits lead to social isolation

In today’s world, it is very common to see people gather for an event or party and not talk to each other. Very often, their heads become buried on their phones as they are busy chatting on social media platforms. People tend to ignore those physically present with them in their struggle to connect with those out of sight.

Although technology helps to bring people close to their loved ones by bridging the gap existing between them and their locations, it is very important for humans to strike a balance. Both should complement each other and not one replacing the other.


Jerry John

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Technology has taken over a huge space among human life existence with its massive growth. Nowadays, almost all the people of the world have become solely dependent on technologies, whether it is regarding their work life or personal life. If we come to work life, almost every systems, devices, machinery, etc. are based on technologies. People rely on technologies when they are at home and doing various activities like cooking, cleaning, spending leisure times, moving for trips, etc. The most common existence of technologies is seen in the usage of television, smartphones, video games, cameras, kitchen appliances, laptops, computers, and so on. We cannot end the list if we go on saying what technologies are so much popular among human beings. But, it does not leave time to say that technology has equally affected human relationships a lot both in a positive as well as negative ways:

Positive effects:

- Life has become very easy and fast through the advancement of technologies. People can easily get in touch with their friends and relatives through messages, video chats, phones, and even make new friends. 

- There is no such time when people feel monotonous or inactive as numerous options like televisions, gyms, smartphones, digital networking are there to spend leisure time.

- Whether it is shopping or booking a hotel or recharging or banking; everything can easily be done through the internet. This saves a lot of personal time and energy.

Negative effects:

- The harshest truth is that not human beings, rather technology has grasped human beings. People forget active social lives and communication among the family members have decreased as they remain busy in smartphones or laptops.

- People get easily deceived in the hands of cybercrime, which destroys their lives. Making new friends without verifying their backgrounds are harmful.

- Social issues like extramarital relationships, mutual divorce, unemployment, and personal issues like infertility, loss of quality time, manners, etc., has increased a lot these days.


richard devis

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Technology has become an interesting and crucial part of human lives. It’s playing a pivotal role in simplifying daily tasks and transforming the world for the better. However, with these positive effects in place, there are also some disadvantages that it brings to the table that affect human relationships at large. 

Let’s understand this scenario by discussing some pros and cons of using technology.


Saves Time

From cooking and cleaning to travel ticket booking and commuting, technology is helping you accomplish most of the tasks in a quick and effective manner. You have the privilege of completing your daily activities in a lesser time and utilize the saved time to focus on other important activities. 

Seamless Communication

Today, you can communicate with your loved ones, business associates, or any other person sitting in another corner of the world in just a few clicks, all because of technology. You can stay connected to the people residing in the remotest of locations, share information, and talk to them with utmost ease.  

Better Accessibility

With the right technology tools in hand, you get the needed access to your favorite games, movies, or any other informative journal/ blog online. Even in this current pandemic situation, technology has made sure that you can order things from the comfort of your homes and maintain the social distancing norms.    

Simplifies Education

Another key advantage of using technology is that it’s developing better learning methods. Especially, in this COVID-19 crisis, you can enjoy all the potential benefits of online education and hone your skills to the best. Better training programs are coming to the rescue with the emergence of handy software, gadgets, and other devices.    

Business Efficiency

Companies are leveraging a unique approach to communicate, coordinate, execute, and implement their business processes with the help of automation, which is a byproduct of the increasing technological advancements. This automation is helping them ensure a hassle-free and efficient work environment.   

More Job Opportunities

The development of technology is creating an array of job opportunities within the market. It’s elevating the digitally-enabled employment sector and bringing the best remote working jobs to the table. Concretely, IT, hardware manufacturing, and areas like app creation are witnessing new career openings and income possibilities. 


Increasing Dependency

Human relations have already started exploiting tech-based devices, tools, software, and processes. This avoids the need for recalling information or managing manual data. But it ultimately increases dependencies on the technology. 

Less-to-no Human Effort

When machines are doing your work, you start working smartly with less-to-no effort. This leads to taking a seat for the majority of your day thereby raising health-related concerns or even be a contributing factor to induce depression-like symptoms.

Privacy Concerns

One of the most important drawbacks of technology is data vulnerability. This results in privacy concerns and safety issues related to shared information, confidentiality, or any other document malfunction.    

Social Divide

Indeed, technology implementation is the need of the hour. But it’s not possible for everyone to keep up with the latest trends. This imparts a huge social divide among the humans that are able and unable to afford these technologies.

The above points clearly represent how technology is affecting human relationships. And with the everyday advancements in technology, only time can tell what more it has to offer. So, just wait and watch. 


Buster Solomon

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There are also positive effects of technology. For example, if we speak of finding someone, dating apps made it way much simpler to find a new partner than it was before.


Lourdes Perdon

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I agree, before that I have had a lot of problems with dating. People are really unlikely to get to know someone in the street, and if you don't have time for socializing, you will find a vacuum around you fast. So explains the advantages and main aspects of online dating, so if you wish to know more, click on it.

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