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How does recycling help global warming?


Ankida Balamurali

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Various strategies and procedures are being taken to reduce the effects of global warming on earth. Being a common human being, you are also responsible for taking part in the simple activities which will help you to get a healthy environment free of global warming. Various studies have revealed that recycling can be one of the best strategies to reduce the effect of global warming. Recycling is a process where the number of wastes can be reduced by reusing and utilizing various materials in the same or different way. It's natural that the more you buy or use newer products, the quantity of waste will be increased. Waste increasing is also a common factor for global warming as the carbon products directly get absorbed in the atmosphere with the radiation of the sun and increase the temperature of the earth. Recycling helps in waste reduction and also produces the way to reuse or recreate the older materials into something new. Here are some common points which show that recycling helps to reduce global warming.

1. Global warming is highly caused by the effects of the greenhouse gases which are produced from the wastes in a huge quantity. The places where garbages are disposed, produces a lot of carbon dioxide, methane, helium, etc. Being a responsible person, you should try to reduce the quantity of waste. Try to reuse or recreate the older material into something new. This helps in waste reduction.

2. As it is already said that garbage and trashes are common reasons for the emission of greenhouse gases, these things are highly inflammable and easily catch fire. Trash fires are one of the main reason for air pollution and the increase in global temperature. Recycling reduces trash amount the incidents of setting fire can be controlled.

3. Global warming can be highly controlled if a huge amount of water is saved. Recycling helps to save water which can be used for safe and healthy purposes. Waste disposals harm the pure water of the rivers and lakes a lot which causes in the rise of global temperature. The more you save water you can easily treat towards global warming.

4. Production of newer substances needs a lot of natural resources like water, plants, woods, soil, etc. In demand for producing newer substances, these natural resources are being harmed. Trees are being cut down, and water is being wasted. Recycling helps in reducing the demands of the newer materials, and thus the trees can be saved from cutting down.

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