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How does music influence us?


Catherine Gleron

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The artistic field of music and neuroscience are interlinked and displays several beneficial ways in which music can energize and motivate the human brain. It impacts the brain as well as a mood by mixing memory, emotion, learning and also neuroplasticity, besides attention. The constant flow of musical vibes or rhythms supports in enhancing certain functions of the brain.

Popular Musical influence of music on the brain;

1. Emotion: Research made so far in this area indicates music helps in stimulating emotions via specific circuits present on the brain. For example look at a child’s face when you play music.  Brain mood and emotion is set by music and the child smiles and also dance to the musical rhythm. A feeling of joy gets stimulated by the music. We can see the strong bonding of mother and child through a song. Generally, mothers sing songs to make the baby sleep. Music makes you emotional.

2. Creative sense: Most of the times you may have noticed that when your brain feels tired, you fail to think about creative things. Just put on soft music in your music system or laptop and experience a soothing feel. Moderate level of music supports in processing difficult things in the mind and promotes creative processing. This helps you in delivering work with higher creativity.

3. Showcases personality: Some may like loud music while some may be fond of soft music. The key features which can be easily detected about a person’s personality through the choice of music are extraversion, openness to new approaches, and emotional stability. In general loud music, choice indicates high self-esteem, creative and non-gentle personality. While soft music represents gentle, creative, hardworking and outgoing personality.  

4. Improved reasoning skill: As per one research study, children having more than three years training in musical instrument performed exceedingly better than those with no training.  Music students have an exceptional skill of reasoning.  They are brilliant in understanding as well as analyzing visual information.

The above are some of the most important influences which music made in the life of a person.  Learning music or love for music can bring new dimensions to the life of an individual. 

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