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How does machine learning work and what are its applications?


Krishna Harjo

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The whole process of machine learning is intended to amplify learning success possibilities and assess algorithm errors effectively. Generally, two types of techniques are used by machine learning_

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning

Supervised machine learning develops a model that makes predictions depending upon the presence of uncertainty. This algorithm uses a recognized input data set and response to output data and trains a model to breed reasonable predictions for new data. 

On the other hand, unsupervised machine learning seeks for hidden structures in a data set. One such example is clustering and is mostly used for investigative data analysis. 

As for its application, machine learning is applied in several fields, such as
  • For creating an algorithm to analyze artworks
  • In Web Search Engines
  • Financial services 
  • To identify low-speed car crashes

It is even used in government agencies, where multiple sensor data is subjected to analysis. Machine learning is needed to identify ways of decreasing operational and unexpected costs and increase services' efficiency.
Machine learning concepts and technology is also practiced in the field of healthcare, security, and transportation. The use of wearable sensors and devices enables them to gain real-time patient information for healthcare services

Moreover, machine learning technology leads travel companies and agencies to predict possible problems in transportation and advise customers and drivers on various routes. Google maps are one such example, where machine learning technology and artificial intelligence are applied to provide drivers with the most suitable way to the destination. Moreover, the spam detectors, noise, and image recognition and photo tagging applications in social media, enable forensic and security departments to detect faces and voices in cases.
Therefore, machine learning is used through various methods through input to get output in various fields of services.

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