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How does landfills affect global warming?


Rochan Chand

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Global warming can be defined as a long-term increase in the average temperature in the climatic system of the earth.  Modern-day global warming is nothing but an increase in the magnitude of the greenhouse effect. There is constant warming of the surface of the earth, and the lower atmosphere is caused because of the presence of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxides, methane, and other types of greenhouse gases.

The landfill is contributing to global warming, and the condition is severe. The discharge is that particular place where all garbage of the society are taken and then stored. The landfills are constructed uniquely to ensure that all waste products don’t spoil the surrounding. If so much precaution is taken then how the landfill is contributing to global warming?

Well, landfills are contributing to global warming as waste which is getting dumped get a very negligible amount of air which remains right below the surface. The landfill starts generating gas in the form of a byproduct for the digestion of organisms for organic materials.

Such process starts releasing methane, which is a greenhouse gas which is 25 times higher potent than Co2. Its effect on global warming as well as climatic change is severe. Methane is a highly flammable gas which will turn out to be dangerous if the same is given scope to keep building up in the concentration.

Leachate is one form of a liquid which develops when the waste starts breaking down right at the landfill, and the water gets filtered through that particular waste. This liquid is known to be highly toxic and will pollute the ground of burials, groundwater as well as waterways. This way it will contribute again towards global warming.

To control this, the Modern landfills need soil which can be added to cover up new inclusion of waste daily, and once it reaches its capacity, the trash will be covered using clay plus a plastic sheet.

Undoubtedly garbage is one of the major contributors to the problem of global warming. The landfills solid waste emerged out to be the single and largest source which is human-made of for methane gas in the US. If timely action is not taken on time, then the Ozone layer of the earth will continue getting damaged which will turn out to be a severe concern for the well-being of the earth.

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