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How does IoT work and what are its applications?

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We have made tremendous advancements in the technical sectors in the last few years and revolutionized our entire way of living and problem-solving. From making smartphones, we started developing smart devices for home automation, and it gave rise to a new sphere in technology, the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Investing in the Internet of Things is a handy attempt. IoT is a field of technology which implements internet connectivity in our daily physical objects like several electrical and electronic devices, which can interact with each other over the internet and can be easily monitored and controlled. 

Understanding the mechanism

IoT is comprised of four main components;

  • Sensors: Different sensors are implemented within the objects to monitor and collect information about the surrounding environment and using the same to analyze a given situation.

  • Connectivity: Now you need to have internet connectivity so that the different devices can interact with each other, and then ultimately upload the data on the cloud.

  • Data Processing: Now, you need to arrange for a software which will process the data so collected from the smart devices, and solve different complex problems.

  • User-Interface: After the data is processed and a solution is obtained, it needs to be madly available to the users and for the same you need to have a reliable user interface in the form of automatic alerts, e-mails, texts, etc.

Applications of IoT

  • Smart Homes

    IoT has paved the way for the development of smart home appliances which have made our lives easier, like for example smart cookers and vacuum cleaners which can perform their task without any human intervention. And the different home security appliances using which we can monitor and control our home.

  • Smart Agriculture

    Different smart devices are now being used in the agricultural sectors for analyzing the soil and atmospheric conditions and then using the data so collected the farmers can gain optimal yield.

  • Health Sectors

    IoT will soon be transforming the entire healthcare sector with the use of smart health monitoring systems, which we can use conveniently from our home itself.



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IoT aims to take connectivity to another level by connecting multiple devices at a time to the internet thereby facilitating man to machine and machine to machine interactions. There are 4 Main Components of IoT System.

1. Sensors/Devices: First, sensors or devices help in collecting very minute data from the surrounding environment. All of this collected data can have various degrees of complexities ranging from a simple temperature monitoring sensor or a complex full video feed

2. Connectivity: Next, that collected data is sent to a cloud infrastructure, but it needs a medium for transport. The sensors can be connected to the cloud through various mediums of communication and transports such as cellular networks, satellite networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wide-area networks (WAN), low power wide area network and many more.

3. Data Processing: Once the data is collected and it gets to the cloud, the software performs processing on the acquired data. This can range from something very simple, such as checking that the temperature reading on devices such as AC or heaters is within an acceptable range. It can sometimes also be very complex, such as identifying objects (such as intruders in your house) using computer vision on video.

4. User Interface: Next, the information made available to the end-user in some way. This can achieve by triggering alarms on their phones or notifying through texts or emails. Also, a user sometimes might also have an interface through which they can actively check in on their IOT system. There are also cases where some actions perform automatically. By establishing and implementing some predefined rules, the entire IOT system can adjust the settings automatically and no human must be physically present

In nutshell this is how an entire IOT system functions. IOT is no more an out of box application but a necessity in all sectors of business. If you are looking for IOT app development, Technostacks Infotech is one IT solution providing company you should have an eye for.

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