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How does family affect health and well-being?


Hema Sheshadri

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We all are emotionally contagious. Our health, mood or brain always depends on our surroundings, like which type of people we live with. We generally live with our family. So their good or bad habits and behaviors always affects our mood and our health. The most common example is of the children who usually face a stressful environment in their home because of their parents’ relationship issues. We know that a child of growing age must be away from a stressful environment. Their innocent minds can't handle the tension between their mom and dad, which in result seriously affect their brain and even development of body, and can lead to depression in the worst case. Family tension is a major issue amongst all. Any stress can harm your health. On the contrary, if a family is supportive and there are good relations in between, it supports you mentally and improves your health.

As there are many bad habits in people, if we count one by one, but most common amongst all is smoking as it can harm the particular smoker as well as the persons around him or her. These smokers not only harm themselves, but they also harm their beloved ones. If there is anyone in our family who has a bad habit of smoking, it can be very dangerous for the entire family. When we inhale these smoking fumes, it causes breathing problems, asthma, coughs, lungs, and heart disease.

There are many small problems in our daily life, which we don’t even notice but these issues slowly affect our mind and body and then our health. But there's no need to worry as every problem comes with a solution. This is life, and we all have to face and win the challenges like a true fighter. We only need to find out the problem and their solutions.

So first, we need to know what are the common problems in a family –

  • Separation
  • Financial issue
  • Adjustment issues in newlyweds
  • Workload
  • Disagreements
  • Lack of trust

 Let’s discuss how to manage these problems –

  • Always talk, as it is the first step to every solution. Lack of communication always makes things worse.
  • Get counseling regarding the same
  • Control your anger and try to always talk calmly, as it avoids most of the arguments
  • Always respect other person’s view
  • Never let the workload affect your behavior with your family.

We all make mistakes in our life. But accepting your mistakes and finding a solution can lead to a better life, else it can cause irritability in our behavior, which is not good for us as well as our family.

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