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How does augmented reality work?

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Vicky Sen

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Augmented reality can be described as a futuristic technology, but the fun part is that it has been around for years. For the ones to whom the definition of augmented reality is not clear, it is a type of reality-based interactive display environment that has the capabilities of display, text, sound, and effects generated by a computer. All of this to enhance the experience of the user. In other words, augmented reality is known to combine the computer-based and real images and scenes to deliver an improved view of the world. The technology may have some applications, but it is primarily used to provide a rich audio-visual experience to the users.

How does it work?

Augmented reality is merely the technology that expands our physical world by adding layers of digital data onto it. It is different from virtual reality as it doesnโ€™t create a wholly artificial environment for the user.

There are 4 main types of augmented reality today including:

  1. Marker-based AR
  2. Projection based AR
  3. Markerless AR
  4. Superimposition AR

Many of you may be familiar with the term Augmented Reality, but how many of you know how it works? AR is known to make use of specific data like animations, 3D models, images and videos to provide the users with both synthetic and natural light.

While using an AR technology, the user is well aware of the surrounding, i.e., the user's presence in the real world which is advanced by computer vision.

The main advantage of using AR reality is that it can be used in various devices including glasses, hand-held devices, mobile phones, etc.

Advantages of augmented reality

AR is known to provide you with some benefits. Some of the main benefits of using AR can be summed into the following points.

1. Individualized learning
AR can be implemented in every classroom to promote personalized education. It is any day better than traditional learning. AR provides you with the necessary tools that are required to have information about every student.

2. Fostering the learning process
With the help of AR, you can provide the students with a whole new experience of learning that will help them to retain the knowledge for long.

After going through the above points, hopefully, the concept of augmented reality is clear to you. You can read more about the technology on the web.


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