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How does a celebrity endorsement bring credibility to a product?

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Randolph Dwyer

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Most of the famous organizations use famous celebrities to endorse the promotion of their products and services. The reason behind this is that the majority of the customers like to purchase the products which are effectively promoted by their beloved celebrity which helps in the enhancement of their brand. Brands require those celebrities which have identical values, qualities, and ideas so as to create a potential synergy with their customers in an effective manner. A celebrity endorsement brings credibility to a product as they enhance the reliability of the products of that company. There are various ways to enhance the credibility of the products via celebrity and this includes:

Build Brand Awareness:
Celebrities are helpful in building brand awareness in a quick way and much faster than traditional advertising strategies. The business enterprises spent a large number of amount and time to increase brand awareness about their products among their customers. If the company uses local celebrities for their brand endorsement, it would result in the enhancement of the consumer’s awareness and would help the organization to showcase the offering of the business.

Influence the Purchasing Power of Customers:
If a customer is highly influenced by a particular celebrity, it is likely possible that they would follow them while purchasing the products promoted by those celebrities. This philosophy is highly utilized by those companies who trade their business in hair products, skin creams, makeups, and fashionable attires. This would compel the customers to endorse those brands which are utilized by the celebrities and help them to have a good look just like their famous stars. In effect, the use of local celebrity enhances the credibility of the product of a company.

Attracting New Customers:
The most daunting tasks for any organization is to attract new customers towards their products. With the help of the celebrities, an organization is able to provide wide appeal to even those customers who have never utilized their products. The continuous way of viewing the celebrity using a particular product convinces the customers to try the product of an organization at least once.

Brand Positioning:
The use of celebrities helps an organization to cement its position in the market in an effective manner. This would help the organization to target its potential customers by showcasing the product of an organization in such a way that the customers are able to relate to the products and found in more genuine so as to purchase it in an effective manner. 

Thus, these are ways which help an organization to enhance its credibility among the customers via proper and effective utilization of the celebrities who endorse their brand in an effective manner.


Bert Woolf

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Celebrity branding also is known as celebrity endorsement is a popular type of advertising campaign which is used by small and big brands, firms, and even by non-profit organizations which hire celebrities and reputed persons with strong social status for promotion of products, services and also for creating awareness among people about important things. 

A celebrity endorsement occurs when a celebrity person supports using his/her fame for helping a company or organization for promoting a product or service. Just take an example in this case for a better understanding. You want to buy a health drink for you and not sure which one will be best in this regard. While watching Television you found that your favorite actor is recommending a specific brand health drink through advertisement. Will that not tempt you to buy the product? Surely yes, as the creditability of the product gets hiked because of this.  People purchase products because they are aware that their favorite celebrity is also using the same and enjoying the benefit.  

There are certain advantages which a company can enjoy when they enter into an endorsement agreement with a popular celebrity for product promotion and marketing. Take a look at few of them. 

•     Create a solid impact on customer purchase: Celebrities can actually create a positive impact on the prospective group of customers and encourage them to buy the product. 

•     Supports in building brand awareness: When celebrities make advertisements for specific products it helps in creating brand awareness among people. Brand awareness will decide the percentage of prospective customers who may end up buying the product.

•     Attract new customers: Even an existing product when advertised by a celebrity, it creates a huge impact on the population who didn’t try the product yet. Celebrities attract new customers to turn as actual customers for the product.

This is how Celebrity endorsement brings creditability for a product.

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