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Minerals are an essential component of our diet, required for proper functioning of our body metabolism. But the importance of minerals is not restricted to our food only. Crystals are an essential component for soil productivity as well.

Let us discuss the importance of minerals in soil productivity.


Nitrogen is termed as the building block for proteins. Its importance is as follows.

  • Nitrogen is a critical component of chlorophyll molecules. Chlorophyll is an essential pigment in plants required for food synthesis and in-turn growth.

  • Nitrogen is an essential component of high-energy rich molecules like ATP, which provides energy to the plants to carry out various metabolic processes.

  • Nitrogen is essential for nucleic acids like DNA, which are the basis of maintaining genetic integrity.

  • Nitrogen is essential for proper plant growth and development.


The next essential mineral for plants is Phosphorus. Its importance is as follows

  • Phosphorus is necessary for root growth and development which in turn helps in the proper uptake of metals from the soil. Moreover, stronger roots provide mechanical support to the plant.

  • Phosphorus is an essential mineral required for photosynthesis and in the storage & transfer of nutrients throughout the plant body.

  • Phosphorus is an essential mineral required for the timely maturation of crops.

  • Phosphorus plays a vital role in the nitrogen fixation by the leguminous plants.

  • Efficient gene transfer from one plant generation to another is possible only in the availability of phosphorus.

  • Phosphorus provides disease resistance to the plant body.


Potassium is the third most essential mineral required by the plant for proper growth and development.

  • An essential function of Potassium is the opening and closing of the stomata in plants, which in turn contributes to photosynthesis.

  • Potassium is an essential component of high-energy rich molecules like ATP, which supplies energy to the plants to carry out various metabolic processes.

  • Potassium is a significant component for osmoregulation in plants.

  • Potassium also helps in protein and starch synthesis in plants.

  • Potassium is required for the activation of various enzymes in plants.

There are many other essential microelements like calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, zinc, etc., which are required for the proper functioning of a plant.

Soil minerals are necessary for proper growth and productivity of crops. Appropriate productivity is possible only when the minerals are supplied to the plants in the right quantity by the soil.

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