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How do I market my small business on social media?


Randolph Dwyer

Form ever follows function

Social media is connecting a lot of people and social networking has become a boon to our society, especially for business organizations and brands. Through social media, both the brands and the consumer can easily connect and facilitate conversation with each other. Social networking is a great choice for even smaller businesses too. If done right, it can even help them expand their business and grow their business on social media.

If you’re confused as to how to grow your presence on social media and drive sales, read the following tips.  

1. A plan is a must

Planning is a must for any business firm to grow. Make a solid plan and create an outline for your own social networking profile. Decide what you’ll post and when you’ll post. Look at what other competitors are posting and evaluate yourself at the end. See the engagement you’re getting and how you can improve.

2. Choose the platform

It is very important to choose the right platform and create profiles on those platforms in order to reach your audience. Create an account on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and be active. You can also use YouTube and create video content to reach wider audiences.

3. Post everyday

For small businesses, it is very important that you make your presence felt on social media. For that, you should post every day. You can also use apps to schedule your posts in advance.

4. Know your audience

It is very important to know your target audience. Understand your audience and see which social media platforms they use the most and post more on that channel. Know your audience and create your plan accordingly to engage with more audiences.

5. Build community

Connect with like-minded people and build a community with the help of social media. Post in groups rather than posting on the page. You can use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to reach a larger number of people.

6. Study social media analytics

Social media is the best platform through which you can promote your content. But there is no point in creating content if your audience doesn’t engage with it. Study insights and analytics and see which types of posts are performing well and which are not doing good.

7. Share visuals

Include more photos and videos in your profile to build more engagement. Show the products and for platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, create a beautiful feed.

8. Be responsive

Be responsive and respond to all the comments, and questions. Be active and respond to each and every conversation which links to your business or can affect your reputation.

Use the above strategies and connect better with the audiences.

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