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How do I improve my communication skills and confidence in public?


Edhi Mehtra

Take your dreams seriously

Fluent communication skills are essential for the growth of your career. If you are employed in any field of work, you may have to face certain situations where you need to conduct public speaking in conferences, meetings, presentations, follow-ups, reviews, etc. In such circumstances, it is an excellent scope for you to prove your excellence in drawing public attention which further helps you in grabbing the opportunity for success. It has been seen that employees who are expert in public speaking are more prone to get promotions and hikes at a faster rate as most of the higher roles like Managers or administrators need the skill to speak publicly. If you want to grow your career for a new and advanced part and make your job secure, you need to be very confident and skillful in making communications publicly. Here are a few tips for you.

1. Learning to acquire communication skills is much more important before speaking in public. You need to master the skill of listening, observing and organizing. The more you master the skills, you can be able to connect with the people and know their minds. 

2. It is very natural that you may have some amount of stage fright or other psychological anxiety before speaking in front of the public. But at the same time, your adrenalin will help you to focus and rush out your performance from inside. So, focus on your strength instead of paying attention to your nervousness.

3. The basic of your communication message is conveyed to your audience. Thus, it should be sure of what you exactly want to speak in honor of your audience to make them engaged in your speech. Just don’t keep on providing dull lectures and build your audience feel bored. Know them well before speaking.

4. Try to make a design of your speech in an organized format. This prevents you from repeating things as well as missing any points. There may be a situation that you are made to speak out in front of the public suddenly. But still, you can get at least half an hour which is enough to create an idea.

5. A handy trick to confident public speaking with engaging audience reactions is to allow a space to them by asking for feedback or suggestions. This helps you in two ways- you can get a scope to relax as well as you can easily make your audiences engaged. 

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