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How do I get better at conversation?


Heena Samuel

Always look on the brighter side of life

The conversation is the best way to communicate with people around you whether it is in case of your personal life or professional life. The more you are frank and explicit in your conversation, you can share your ideas and thoughts openly. An unhealthy mode of discussion can lead to various kinds of problems. A smart conversation even does not need too many words to speak, and only a few words can describe what the person exactly wants to say. Here are some tips for you so that you can get better with your conversations.

1. It is important to know that if you are trying to be much better at your discussion, you should learn the skill of listening rather than speaking first. Listening means letting others speak their words and at the same time reading and going through the mind of the opposite ones. If you can overcome this, you can talk quickly the exact things and make them know about your views very clearly.

2. Try to be non-judgemental while your conversation is going on. If you start to judge the opposite person while the conversation, he will gradually begin to hide his expressions or thoughts in front of you.

3. Confidence and honesty is the best factor for making a conversation better. If you hesitate or swallow a lot of times while the discussion, it determines your anxiety, shyness or timidity as well as doubts or disloyalty. 

4. Try to add some humor in your verses which will catch the attention of the people listening to you. Humour makes your conversation monotonous free. But, remember one thing too. Humour does not always mean making jokes or fun. Sometimes, using jokes may prove you to be insensitive in certain situations people found to be offensive as well.

5. Educate yourself before speaking to someone on any topics or issues rather than just throwing fake news or assumptions. Collect important and authentic news on that topic and talk about those issues. It is again better not to throw all the exciting news all at a time. Speak on some points and let others speak too. Keep some more exciting information for later hours. This can make your conversation long and exciting for the whole time.

6. Though you may think that silence within a conversation may be very awkward and foolish, you should be informed that silence is not always awkward. Silence is sometimes one of the healthy parts of a discussion which make people think deeply about what you said for a long time. During some emotional situations, silence makes people internalize their feelings and listen to what somebody cannot speak through the mouth.

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