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HoW do I delete an article ?

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MK NIYAS Verified

Co-founder and CEO at AirTract

Hai Nadine, First of all, thank you for using our platform to widen your reach and helping those who are in need. As of now, there isn't an option to delete a published article right now, but we will add that feature at the earliest possible; you can delete draft articles from the drafts section.

Please send an email to; we will delete it from our end. 

Thanks again. 


Shubhanshu Singh Verified

Let us together make this world a better place

Hello Nadine,

Currently, there is no such option available right now as I have also contacted the community about the same. But I hope there will be an option to do so in the future. 

Hope this helps


Airtract Shubhanshu Singh Verified -

Thank You for your appreciation It is good to hear from your side.

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