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How do e-commerce companies offer great discounts on branded products?


Rohini Dhatt

A bit of madness is key

If you are into online shopping, you must have seen big shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., offering great discounts on their branded products. Have you ever thought how do they manage to shell out products at a lower rate than the offline stores? You can get the exact product that you have seen offline at a much lower rate online.

The reason behind lower online prices:

Almost every online shopping site you go to will offer you with heavy discounts. Well, there can be many reasons for it. Some of the main reasons include.

  1. Sometimes seller offer heavy discounts on products so that they can sell off these products faster. These products are usually slow-moving products, which means it is hard to sell them at a higher price. But the moment you lower the price, more people will be interested in buying the products.

  2. Another valid reason for such heavy discounts is to attract more customers. There are all types of sellers available on an online platform. Every one of them is in stiff competition with the other. To attract more customers and sell more products, every seller tries to offer the best possible price to their customers. Sometimes it’s all about competing and selling more products from the other existing sellers.

  3. Online sellers get their products from the manufacturer and sell them directly to the customers. Therefore, there is no mediator involved in the selling process. This helps them cut down the overall price of the product. Thus, they can provide your goods at a much lower rate.

So these are the main reasons why you can even get branded products at a heavy discount. This is beneficial to the customers as they can get high-quality products at lower prices.

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