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How divorce affects children's future relationships?


Sadhika Ravish

Conquer from within

Marriage is regarded as a sacred bonding between two persons and families which is meant for a healthy future for both, couple and their welcome for the next generation. But, sometimes in many people’s lives, this sacred bonding may not prove to that much lucky. As a result, they may face conditions like separation or divorce. Though divorce can create a lot of emotional and mental crisis in the life of the couples, yet, the ones who suffer the most for this outcome are the children. Psychological studies have proved that divorce of the parents can affect a lot in the future relationships of the children too. Here you can clearly understand how it can change the future relationship of the children. 

1. Children who are raised in a broken or separated family are not able to get the love and care from both parents together. As a result, they start to show negative behaviors and attitudes towards marriage. They have less belief in feelings like commitments, bonding, love, romance and mostly thinks that divorce is a natural part of life. 

2. When grown up into adults, the sexual behaviors of the children may also get affected as a result of the divorce of their parents. They tend to make illegal, and numerous open relationships with multiple partners and even do not get much attached towards the partner after marriage.

3. Loss of trust is again another harmful effect of divorce on the children’s future relationship. The reason is that these children have never realized the meaning of trust or mental connection among their parents before. After all, parents are the ones who make the children learn about developing confidence.

4. Most of the children who found their parents separated due to divorce possess a negative reaction towards the system of marriage. They hate marriage and gets hesitant about it. They feel that marriage can anyhow result to separation for which it is better not to get married. 

5. Children of divorced parents don’t have the urge to remain attached to a single partner for the whole life. They can readily accept separation or divorce. This is mainly due to the impact of intact family structure and loss of bonding. In fact, domestic violence cases are more common in the marital life of the persons who had their parents divorced in their childhood.

6. If somehow anyone succeeds to get married, it is not sure that he/she can maintain a stress-free life forever. They always suffer from the feeling of anxiety, insecurity or depression that the marriage may get broken. They still feel a lack of intimacy in their relationship or cannot give the sense of bonding with their partners. 

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