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How divorce affects child development?


Mary E Graham

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Children are the most precious gift to a couple after marriage, and they need the care, love, and attention of both the father and mother while growing up. But, how shocking it can be if the base of that love gets distracted due to specific incidents like divorce? Various studies have revealed that divorce has an immense and appalling effect on child development, i.e., in every stage of their growth phase until the end of their life. Here are facts about how divorce affects child development.

1. For a child, the parents are the first source of love, and the child learns the definition of love, commitment, adjustment, and responsibility by observing his/her parents. With an incident of divorce, all these terms get shattered within a few minutes. As a result, the child feels that these terms have no such importance in life.

2. Child development is highly influenced by the love of both father and mother. If somehow, the child loses one of them due to divorce or separation, he/she starts to suffer from separation anxiety disorders which further gives rise to extreme stress and depression. Whoever comes into life, he/she fears that maybe someday they will also leave him.

3. Children who have divorced parents are more prone to substance and alcohol addiction from a very early age. They cannot make sure about choosing the right friend and gets involved with negative peer groups. They become victims of aggression and crime very quickly.

4. Divorce affects not only the social development of a child but also the cognitive development too. The persisting fear and pain of not being with the parents make him distracted from the studies and concentration. He may leave his studies uncompleted.

5. Parents are the one in the life of the children who make them believe in the constitution of togetherness like marriage, relationship, bonding, etc. When they are separated from each other, it is challenging for the children to believe in such constitutions and they feel divorce as a very natural and casual conclusion of life. 

6. Usually, parents are responsible for solving the problems of the life of their children, in case of divorce, it just gets reversed. Here, the children get involved in addressing the quarrels, arguments, and disruptions of their parents regularly. No one can understand them. They even carry messages and become a medium of communication between the parents which hampers their developmental phase.

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