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How can we improve our education system?

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Aaron S Lopez

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The education system of every country is not always sorted, and hence students face a lot of challenges when it comes to getting primary education. All the issues related to education are there for time immemorial, and many people are not even literate. The entire debate about the education system is very complicated, and people are continually researching for finding efficient ways. Proper measures should be taken to implement new development skills and another type of vocational, practical and apprenticeship qualification. 

  • Educational laws:  Several countries are implementing various measures to provide education to every child, but in reality, this entire measure is hardly implemented but are not effective. So to bring some more changes and improve the success graph one will have to incorporate significant changes starting from the awareness of the schemes to the healthy meals that will be provided on midday along with providing incentives to several families. In this way, children can get enough reason to come to school and get a primary education.
  •  Reservation: The topic of the reservation is quite debatable. Everybody wants to be a part of a good institution when it comes to educational systems, and the quota system will always be there. So this reservation even if it's not eradicated it should be measured by looking into the condition of the economic status of the person and not by the caste. 
  • Standard of the teachers: In several areas, it has been reported that the education quality is not good because of the reluctance of the teacher or their inability to imparting knowledge. So before hiring a teacher, the standard of their qualification must be measured and their license is acquiring capabilities that should be analyzed to raise the standard of education in places where the student outcome is not good. 
  • College savings plan: Even if a student can complete their education till boards still they may not have enough funds for going to colleges. So all the families with low income must have savings account for college so that they can get few fundings for carrying out any education programs or training post-secondary. 
  • Better syllabus: All the books of several schools remain the same, and hardly any changes are implemented, and the books are also filled with several wrong information. Most of the students are lacking practical knowledge and are more dependent on bookish knowledge. All the students must be able to educate themselves with employable skills so that they are ready for corporate sectors.
  • Government schools: Because of the abysmal state many parents would restrict themselves from admitting their child to any government schools. Starting from the infrastructure to facilities and other attention needs to be paid on things that can improve the quality of education in government schools. 

These are the few basic yet effective ways of improving the education system. 

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Author Kuldeep Sharma

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Very first, teachers and professors play a significant role in imparting valuable knowledge as well as for shaping the young minds. Thus, I reckon that education system can only be improved when there will be more skilled and knowledgeable teachers, because the inefficiency of teachers is the major reason owing to which students are not employable. Besides this, there must be more emphasis on practical knowledge, soft skills and so on, than theoretical portion because at the work place or to deal with people, mostly soft skills play a vital role. 

Furthermore, the selection criterion for the teachers should not be merely a qualification because many people become teachers and professors just on account of their degrees therefore there should be strict monitoring of person's skills than any percentage or degree.

These are the prominent factors, which I concede can bring manifold positive changes in the education system.

Hope, this answer helps!



Katie Bell

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