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How can technology improve productivity?

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Dipti Singh

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The success of an organization depends very much on the productivity of their employees, be it in the office or a manufacturing plant. When it comes to workplace productivity, we should be extremely thankful for today’s technology, for it has given us many ways to improve it. Here we have listed out briefly on some ways the technology has helped in enhancing productivity.

How Technology enhances productivity

  • Better access to information

For a job to be performed well, the employees would need information accessible at any time on any given day. This is crucial to your organization’s success, and it is therefore important to have a reliable network providing the right access to the right employees on the required information. Accessing the information will not only ensure customer satisfaction, but it will also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction. With information available at the click of a button, things will run smoothly without bouncing back and forth, and there is a guaranteed increase in your productivity.

  • Better workforce connectivity

We are no more in a world where the employees of an organization sit in the same building in rows of offices working together. We currently have employees in different locations working on the same project. Some employees work from home and who work on the go as well. This is where connectivity and collaboration has an important role to play. Thanks to technology, and the different collaboration tools, there is complete synchronization between employees, with no waiting time for moving forward.

  • Seamless project management

Managing projects efficiently is the key to success, and productivity leaks are often the result of poor management of projects. When you are working on a project as a team, assigning the tasks, ensuring online completion of the tasks, etc. can be easily managed if you have the right project management tools. It avoids duplication of efforts and waste of time for employees, further improving their morale, resulting in better productivity.

  • Empowered employees

Empowerment is not just about giving your employees the right to make decisions. It is also about providing them access to information and benefits to make the right decisions. Technology can help you to create self-service platforms, saving time and effort not just for your employees but for you as an organization too. There is little time in getting the information or printing the forms they need, giving them more time in focusing on their work.


karoline steward

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Here are some ways today’s technologies help increase the productivity of your business:

Connect dispersed workforces.

As in-house staff levels contract and the mobile workforce expands, businesses are making do with smaller physical office spaces. More and more companies are giving their employees the option to work offsite, allowing them to save money on the overhead required to maintain large workspaces. This option also allows hiring managers to cast a wider net into the talent pool, increasing the odds of finding a well-qualified candidate. Productive employees need instant access to business information, data, and their team; mobile-friendly technologies are a sure-fire way to provide that.

Enable collaboration tools.

Collaboration is essential to business, but employees don’t have to be in adjoining cubicles to achieve it. With the abundance of free applications like Google’s cloud-based suite of products, staff members working from remote locations can collaborate and share documents easily. Custom cloud solutions offer more robust solutions with greater security for sensitive data. Unified Communications (UC) systems allow for various types of communication- so you can choose which would be the most effective: a phone call, an instant message, a conference session, or video chat. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Invoicera allow your sales team to save time by keeping track of the status of a prospect in one shared location. These solutions increase consistency in your customer relations, which, in turn, increase productivity and profitability.

Get organized.

Countless hours can be wasted searching through spreadsheets for information stored in large data sets, some of which are only accessible via desktop. Investing in a database system that allows your staff to easily add and access data pays for itself inefficiencies. For example, a cloud-based time tracking software such as Invoicera allows on-the-road employees to keep track of their hours, mileage, and expenses, all in one place. Tracking solutions such as these keep the mundane yet critical information accurate and in one place, which helps managers, employees, and clients remain compliant, well-informed, and productive.

Be reachable.

Make sure your remote employees are armed with updated mobile devices and the support solutions to keep them connected. A missed call can mean a missed business opportunity. Invest in a business phone system with UC so you can take advantage of the features that keep you connected. Voicemail to email, find-me-follow-me, softphones, and work caller ID are all features that ensure employees never miss an opportunity, all while maintaining a consistent level of professionalism.

Know your pain points. Make a careful assessment of your company’s greatest productivity challenges. For example, dealing with slow or obsolete technology or throttled Internet bandwidth can slow down even the most productive employees. Develop a plan to proactively upgrade hardware and software on a regular basis before it slows you down and breaks the budget.


Miche Smith

Business Consultant

Time tracking software might be the solution if your firm is looking for a method to increase efficiency and keep track of your employees. Tools like WorkStatus, RemoteDesk, Clockify, TimeAnalytics, etc., ensure that your employees work productively without wasting their office hours in other activities.

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