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How can positive parenting encourage personal development?

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Lakshmi Atwal

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What is positive parenting?

Positive parenting is a concept considering all children are born to be good and sensible. So parents need to coach without hurting them. When you find out the reason for your child’s misbehavior, make them understand the problem and correct it rather than being mad at them.

Positive parenting is about supporting your child’s choices which reflect your values and understanding and respecting the child’s needs and challenges they face in their early childhood.

Positive parenting encourages personal development in the following ways:

  1. Behavior management: In positive parenting, instead of punishing straight you will apply positive methods of making the child understand the problem. This also makes the child understand many things, and he improves his behavior. When the behavior is improved, many things get improved.

  2. Independence: In positive parenting, you respect your child’s ambitions and requirements and encourage becoming self-reliant. This helps him or her to face the world even if the parents are unavailable at that time. And once he or she starts facing the world, the child automatically becomes confident, and many problems are reduced.

  3. Health: If you follow a healthy lifestyle with good food habits, then your child will also learn to do the same, and this will be beneficial in the long run.

  4. Stress management: Practice relaxing to promote positivity to yourself and surroundings so that the child feels free to open up to his parents and tell them his problems. This way the problem is not just confined to his brain but said to the parents who can provide various solutions.

  5. Love and care: Positive parenting helps the child to do better because it is psychologically fed into the child’s mind that if he or she does their best, then he or she will be loved.

  6. Relationship skills: The relations of the child with his parents, classmates, teachers, friends, peer groups as well as to juniors are very good without any complications. A good relation helps the other person to understand our view and vice versa. This helps a great deal in progress of the character of the child.

These are only a few, but there can be a long list of how it helps the child to improve his overall efficiency. Positive parenting, from any point of view, is very beneficial. In addition to this, if positive parenting is started from an early age, then the child will adapt more easily than in the later stages of life.


Antoine Lepage

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Children are the most important asset of the parents. Parents love them unconditionally, and they always think about the betterment of their children. It is a matter of experience that parents who give quality time to their kids are more confident than those who lack the attention, love, and affection from their parents. Threatening or aggressive attitude of parents makes the children stubborn, and this attitude leaves so many negative effects on children's personality. 

So here we will discuss how positive parenting proves beneficial for the personal development of children.

  • Emotional development: A positive parent always guides his children gently how to tackle the things. When a child is aggressive, or he/she is throwing tantrums, parents should deal with this child with patience. Their friendly attitude in this situation will help the children to be emotionally attached to them. They will feel secure with you and share their problems with you.

  • Helps your children to be the best: When children know the expectations of their parents, but they also know that their parents are always on their back, this attitude encourages the children. And they try to give their best always.
  • Positive parenting makes the children responsible: When parents show a positive attitude towards the things, and they guide their children in the best possible way, then children start to understand the things with an open mind. They feel their responsibility and learn to cope with things easily.
  • Avoids bad behavior: When parents behave nicely despite all the children's bad behavior, then children start to realize the difference between good and bad behavior. Parents are the role model of children, so their positive parenting greatly helps in their personal development. And they learn to avoid bad behavior.

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