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How can I learn web design?

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Joyce X. Wunsch

Happy and Content

One of the most demanding jobs at recent times is Web Designing. Web designing can be a bit complex, but if you learn it step by step, it can be a fun and interesting course to do. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the steps you need to follow for learning Web designing.

But before that, let us know what Web Designing is.

Web Designing involves a combination of different computer skills like graphic designing, interface designing, efficient coding, authoring, etc.,  aimed at the development and maintenance of websites. 

Steps for Learning Web Designing:

  • Getting Started

    Consider yourself a newbie, so start from the ground level. Get hold of some web designing books and get knowledge about what is web designing and the various skills required for it.

    You can look up on the internet for different web designing courses from different platforms like Udemy, CodeAcademy, edX, etc. which provide detailed information about the courses.

    Some of the popular Web Designing Courses are:

  • Mastering some Web Designing Languages

    Once you’ve absorbed the basic knowledge about the different components of Web Designing,  it’s time for you to master some languages. Start with the basics like HTML. Learn about the basic HTML tags for formatting the basic elements of a website and after that, gain some knowledge about attributes of different tags to enrich your skills. Learn the use of nested elements, empty elements, and then showcase your knowledge thus gained on an HTML document.

    For HTML Courses refer:

  • Getting Advanced

    Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to get advanced. Start with languages like CSS or JavaScript. CSS is a stylesheet language required for the designing of a website and its elements. JavaScript, on the other hand, helps in enriching a website by adding different pop-ups and animations. Master the use of jQuery, which will make coding easier. 

If you’re also interested in back-end development, then focus on other languages like Python, PHP, etc. Learn web designing in a step by step manner and don’t skip any. Practice a lot for mastering your skills for efficient web designing and customer satisfaction.


Muneeb Qadar

Brand Strategist Web Developer

You can learn about web design through online videos and available material on the web. Also, I would suggest you go for a beginner level web design course which is elaborate so that you can easily understand it. Besides this, you need to see what skills you already have. If you are good for a beginner then I would recommend you to get an apprenticeship at a local web design company so that you can learn about the procedures and processes.

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