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How can I improve my family life?


Manish Agarwal

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Family, friends, and work- these are the three basic social structures a person needs to follow every day. If you want to compare among these three things, then friends and work are quite flexible as they may come and go. You can easily make friends wherever you want and stay connected to them anyhow. Work is another responsibility which earns you both wealth and fame, but you may not stick to a particular sector for long and search for improvement. But, the family is such an institution which can neither be changed nor be compared. Nobody wants to lose their family. But, today’s generation lifestyle has made people so much busy that they often lack time to spend some quality time with their family. These create misunderstandings too. But, you should know that there are certainly easy and smart tips through which you can improve your family life in spite of your busy schedules and lifestyle.

1. Learn to prioritize your regular responsibilities as per the needs or emergency. People sometimes stress due to the lack of this skill of prioritizing and cannot find out what to do after what. Try to perform the responsibilities which are exactly required at that moment instead of doing things randomly. This reduces your stress, and you can easily make your family happy. 

2. Celebrations are the doorway to happiness. Try to enjoy and celebrate for any small occasion like for scoring good marks of your child, or sudden dinner plans, birthdays, kitty parties, etc.

3. Weekends should never be left out boring and plan for it immediately. It is not necessary that you need grand plans or big trips for the weekends. Happiness lies in any small or big activities like booking for a movie show, attending a bowling spin, shopping, etc.

4. Try to get away from the laptops or mobiles as you are back from your work. Give your free time fully for your family and avoid work discussions over the phones.

5. Try to practice some healthy habits together like a morning workout, exercises, having snacks together, sitting together for dinner, discussing on various social issues, etc.

6. Respect the views and words of each and every member of your family. Listen to everyone and make them feel that all of them are important in your life. Never scold or insult your family members in public. Try to present them more honorable and respected in front of everyone. 

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