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How can genetic engineering help improve crop production?


George Thomason

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With the help of genetic engineering it has become possible to create genetically-modified (GM) crops. In the field of agriculture, genetic engineering has done many advancements, and one of it is getting the desirable crop characteristics also known as the traits. Among the many other things that make it a significant improvement is a yield that comes from the traits. With the help of biotechnology, it has become possible to get the improved crop yield and the GM crops attained as a result of genetic engineering of plants have a better and higher return which is as a result of breeding process and biotechnology.

Let us see how it works:

  • Germplasm: This is the most basic information carried by a seed that has the powers to influence the development and growth of any plant. Let us take an example:  Germplasms present in particular grain, like maybe tomato vary from one variety to the other. Due to the variation, there can be a different level of resistance towards the pests and diseases or tolerance towards drought. It can also affect the characteristics of the yield like the color, size and the potential to yield.
  • Breeding: Breeding is an important step that can help in getting the better yield and cross mixing of the characteristics is one of the techniques that are being used since a long time to get the improved germplasm. The seeds obtained by the mixed features help in delivering the best yield, and such seeds are perfect for any soil and can give a better return in any climatic conditions. In the process of genetic engineering of seeds, the breeding of the blueprint from the genome is used to extract the desirable properties of the particular seeds. The breeder gets the chance to use the useful diagrams to obtain the qualities they are looking for the crop.  
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology is a straightforward approach that gives the chance to incorporate the genetic material directly into the germplasm. With the help of biotechnology, the results are obtained in the précised manner as desired, and it is far better than the process of cross-breeding. The results are perfect, and you can get the clones that are free from the diseases and offer a better yield.

Genetic engineering helps in addressing the particular issues and diseases that can be in the crop and finds the perfect solutions. IT used the technology that helps in improving the specific areas and as a result of which the betterment of crops is done, and it gives better and enhanced yield. In the case of fruits, it helps in improving and longing the shelf life along with reducing the loss of the perishable crops post the harvest.

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