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How automation and technology has made the workplace safer?

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Rohini Dhatt

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When it comes to automation and technology in the workplace, people are just concerned about the functions, services, productivity and quality of the output provided by the machines and the devices. But is the importance of automation and technology just confined to only these facts? Actually no. In today’s world, technology and automation have not only proved its excellence in its services and productivity but also is monitored the safety issues of the employees in the workplace as well. Here are the circumstances where it has been found that automation and technology have made the workplace safer.

1. There have been lots of incidents in many industries and companies where the employees used to get injured or hurt due to heavy workloads or the mode of work they had to perform. Most of these situations used to prevail in industries like mines, locomotive shades, construction units, chemical factories, etc. But, now its the era of automation and technology where high and advanced machines and instruments perform the almost maximum unit of the hard and difficult work within the industries. People are not required to complete such hard tasks manually, and thus the percentage of accident or injury records have decreased to a vast extent. 

2. The era of automation and technology has provided a lot of comfort in the life of the employees who used to travel through a long distance from one place to another for conducting meetings or conferences time to time. Technology and automation have proved to be highly fruitful for these employees, and now meetings, interviews, training, reporting, and discussions can be efficiently conducted by sitting in your location itself. The frequency of traveling has reduced a lot for the developed system of technology. 

3. Women feel much safe nowadays as now there are numerous options to work from home trough which both the professional as well as the personal life can be balanced easily. The internet technology has brought numerous opportunities for employment where you can quickly work from home online.

4. Awareness about the environment and workplace are essential for all the employees. For this, there should be a compact and definite record through an entire database. Modern technology and automation systems have implemented certain devices and machines where all the records and whereabouts of the employees can be saved both in visual and well as written format. These matters a lot for the safety of the employees as well as the workplace. 


Ritesh Patil

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The OSHA incident reports recorded only 27 deaths at the automation and technology-enabled workplaces in the last 30 years as compared to a huge number of 4,585 fatalities which were documented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at the same time. However, the ideal workplace shouldn’t involve any sort of accident. But these findings are enough to state that automation and technology are already making the work environment safer and better.

Here’re some benefits to give you a better idea. 

Risk Automation

Removing employees from life-risking work procedures is one of the greatest benefits that automation brings to the table. Under the guidance of professionals, robotic heavy lifting is performed to reduce potential bending and lifting injuries. The technology also takes over repetitive tasks and reduces unnecessary strain and welding injuries.   

Highly Responsive

Certain situations which were earlier getting neglected can now be taken care of beforehand with automation and technology capabilities. As compared to humans, these improvements are highly responsive to emergency situations. It offers real-time performance monitoring to detect accidents or any other equipment damage.  

Safety Planning

There’s various safety automation software available in the market that helps the companies in analyzing the areas which need improvement, updating the safety protocols, creating a plan of action to counter a complicated situation. This process doesn’t disturb normal operations and caters to the requirements of workplace safety management as a whole.  

Data Management

The technologies like form management or document automation system, enable employees to witness real-time incident reporting through their smart devices. This makes data collection and visualization more streamlined and easier than ever before. Besides, all this data is stored in the cloud in a systematic format.

Automatic Alerts

Automation has also influenced the adoption of Environment Health Safety (EHS) management systems which are used to augment workforce and workplace safety. Companies now have the privilege to get alerts for their incoming compliance renewals, safety inspections, document timeline, or any other training recertification.      

Knowledge Transfer

Many times workforce safety depends on having the right information at the right time, especially for the on-site employees that are unable to access any kind of documentation or standards to follow. But with EHS software in hand, employees can view and refer to an array of guidelines, safety protocols, and tutorials.     

That’s how automation and technology have ensured compliance and enhanced safety for work environments.


Ben Millen

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