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How are the Internet of Things and Big Data related?


Andrea Vurlow

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Last few years witnessed some of the best advancements in the technical spheres, which upgraded our entire way of living and problem-solving. Two of the most frequently used words nowadays are the Internet of Things and Big Data, which have several differences among each other but are also closely intertwined. In this module, we’ll be throwing some light on the relation between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, but before getting into the main theme, let us define each term considerably.

What is the Internet of things(IoT)?

IoT is the branch of science which integrates internet connectivity in our daily physical objects like several electrical and electronic devices, which can interact among each other over the internet and can be easily monitored and controlled. It focuses on the development of smart home appliances.

What is Big Data?

Big Data in simple terms refers to the assimilation, processing, and storing enormous amounts of data, which cannot be done using the traditional methods of computing.

The relation between the two:

As a number of devices are connected, the amount of data produced by all those devices becomes massive. This data is valuable, and it can be used to analyze a given problem and to use the same to find better solutions. Now, it becomes hectic to handle such a massive influx of data with traditional computational methods. This is where Big Data saves the day. All the data produced through IoT devices, Big Data analysts can extract it to generate real-time analysis. 

IoT and Big Data are working as one in several sectors including the shipping sectors where they use different sensors to track the overall health and condition of the packages. And in agricultural sectors for analyzing the different atmospheric and soil conditions, which will enable the farmers in obtaining desired results.


Thus, it can be stated that the Internet of Things (IoT) is like an engine for modernization, and Big Data is the fuel source for running the engine, and together they pave the way towards a better living.

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