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How are machine learning and big data related?


Vimala Patil

I am my own muse

Big data, machine learning, there are so many terms that have surfaced these days. The main point is that all of them are related to each other.

The amount of data collected and stored by companies these days is huge. However, it is not the volume of data that matters but what the companies are doing with the collected data. There is a huge amount of structured and unstructured data streaming in everywhere at a fast rate.

Modern-day businesses are aware of the importance of data. They have also realized the usefulness of paring data with intelligent automation. With huge computational power, machine learning systems can help companies analyze, manage, and use their data in a much better and successful way than ever before.

Here is how companies are making use of big data technology along with machine learning to drive long-term business value.

  1. Machine learning, as you may already know, is a branch of artificial intelligence. Businesses are making use of it to analyze bigger and more complex data to reveal hidden patterns, predict customer trends, learn market trends, and get more accurate results. The insight gained with the help of analytical model building is much deep. Not only that, but it is also gained at a scale and pace that human analysts can’t match.
  2. From healthcare to retail to financial services, machine learning is used everywhere to analyze data. It has a lot of benefits to offer to businesses. It is expected that in the coming years, most of the big industries in the world will adopt the technology for their betterment.

To make use of machine learning for big data, you need first to understand the relation between the two.

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