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Do you use your digital wallet more than your physical wallet?

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Supriya Daanish Thakur

Take the risk or lose the chance

The 21st century has witnessed some of the greatest advancements in the domain of technology. We have started implementing all these advancements in our daily lives to make the tasks easier and more organized. One such implementation is the use of Digital Wallet over Physical Wallet.

What is a Digital Wallet?    

Digital Wallet is an electronic service/device that helps a user to make all types of transactions conveniently using their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any such device connected to the internet. In simple terms, a Digital Wallet is the virtual representation of our Physical Wallet.

I prefer using Digital Wallets over Physical Wallets because of many reasons, which we will be discussing in this article.

Advantages of a Digital Wallet over a Physical Wallet

  • Faster process
    Making transactions using a Digital Wallet is faster when compared to a physical wallet. Forget the hassle of counting your cash or taking out your debit card and swiping and entering your pin. This makes the entire process smoother and faster.

  • Safer Process
    Digital Wallet is comparatively safer than Physical Wallets because you do not need to enter your card’s pin in multiple devices. Digital Wallet ensures proper data encryption using OTP’s (One-time Passwords) for each transaction, fingerprint, login credentials, and strong passwords.

    Moreover, when you’re using a Digital Wallet for the transaction, there is no risk of pickpocketing.

  • Convenient
    If you’re on a hectic schedule, then Digital Wallet is the best mode f shopping for you. You can shop directly from your home/working place without the requirement of visiting the malls physically or standing in a long queue for making payments. 

  • More versatile approach
    You can make transactions from any device connected to the internet using your Digital Wallet. And moreover due to several layers of authentication, there’s no risk of any third person from using your Digital Wallet, while using foreign devices.

  • Reduced Operational Charges
    A store using a Digital Wallet for transactions, do not require any cashier for managing the cash flow, which helps in reducing the overall expenditure of the company/business.

  • Boost up the Competitive Edge
    When a business/company is implementing the use of Digital Wallet, it is actually boosting up their competitive edge over their rivals by increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the operational charges.

Digital Wallets are getting more popular day by day because of its user-friendliness and increased levels of security. And not to mention that, you don’t have to worry about your debit cards getting damaged in your pockets or your expensive wallets getting worn out.


Ritesh Patil

Technology is best when it brings people together

The current COVID-19 pandemic is entirely changing the way people use to make small payments or incur large transactions. Thanks to the technology advancement that has successfully contributed to this transformation via introducing digital wallets or e-wallets. 

Making the financial landscape paperless, these wallets shall soon take over your physical wallets and support a cashless economy like never before. What makes it more interesting is its digital scanning abilities, virtual funds storage, and instant payment initiation.

Below mentioned are some pros and cons of digital wallets that’ll effectively answer the above question and help you understand its significance in today’s technology world.

Pros of Digital Wallets

Better Purchasing Experience - You have the privilege of keeping your cards and all the other related information in an application. These virtual cards are easily manageable and lead to seamless shopping experience.

Saves Time - You can avoid standing in queues for making payments as a digital wallet can help complete the same in just a few clicks. This saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on your purchase. 

Spot-on Budget Tracking - You have all the details related to your transactions and payment history. You can analyze this available data to regulate your spending and also put some limitations on specific expense categories.  

High-end Security - All your data and funds are supported by end-to-end encryption facility. This information is never shared to generate profits. Also, your digital card wallet can be protected by your device’s face ID, fingerprint, or a password security system.  

Attarctive Offers - There are various digital wallets across the market that provide their customers with exciting offers/ discounts/ rewards/ coupons when they utilize them regularly and readily.

Cons of Digital Wallets 

Device Dependency - Your online wallets would solely depend on your smart device. Making digital payments is easy but if your device breaks down or faces some internet issue just before the checkout, you’ll definitely need a physical wallet with ample cash. 

Extreme Spending Behavior - When you’re unable to touch or see paper money, there are chances of stirring an extreme spending behavior. You’ll develop the habit of making reckless spendings even if you can analyze it regularly. 

Limited Vendors - Not all merchants support payments through digital wallets. Besides, the utilization of these applications also depends on their reach and how all the stakeholders are interacting with them.  

International Restrictions - Different countries have different standards to use various digital wallets. So, if your profession requires traveling to different countries on a regular basis then keep this in mind or use your physical wallet.  

With all the above, you would have surely understood that even a digital wallet has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, carrying your physical wallet is also a good idea as digital wallets still seek adoption by larger demographics. So, there is no harm in using both of them.  


Charlotte Brown

writing article, reading books and cooking

In this pandemic crisis, some of other country are more on cashless transaction like in Canada they're known as top country who use cashless system. The purpose of using this is to secure your cash to avoid theft, specially you're  in a critical situation because of this covid-19 virus strike so, you need to be safety when you go around and if you're planning to have a bond with your family in a theme park, arcade are using a cashless transaction. I once visited this site that offers mobile wallet you can visit it and read the information you want. Just click the link for your interest (

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