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Do you think true decentralized markets will ever be a possibility?


satishwar nadig

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I personally don’t think it could be a possibility because decentralization is beyond the usage of computers and networks. It involves organizations and individuals, but I do believe in partial decentralization. A decentralized market gets rid of intermediaries. This helps people to deal directly rather than working from a centralized exchange. These are virtual markets; cryptocurrencies are an example of decentralized markets.

A decentralized market includes digital technology that allows sellers and buyers to deal directly among themselves instead of a traditional exchange. There are many examples of decentralized markets; a newer model is the blockchain system and virtual markets that use cryptocurrencies. Another example is the real estate business where clients deal directly with sellers.

Partial decentralization is feasible at present. Nevertheless, it is currently impossible to achieve complete decentralization. Even if they think about completely decentralizing the blockchain, they will have to use an artificial intelligence algorithm that would help them to replace humans to eliminate biases.

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