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Do you think people have taken political correctness too far?

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Krishna Mehta

In the pursuit of happiness

Political correctness is highly related to the development of society. If you want to focus on the actual meaning of political correctness, you should first concentrate on those sects of people who are regarded as discriminated or people who are neglected from getting any advantages from the society. Naturally, when we speak of such cults of people, it means that these people are vulnerable as they are neglected and even harmed or excluded by the society itself as they are not accepted. Political correctness deals with such situations and makes sure that these people who are already discriminated against or excluded from the society does not get harmed or harassed or embarrassed further by any people of society.

There are many cases of such discriminations if you look properly. There may be people with different gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as with physical disability, people with very low caste or ethnic background, or else with different skin color or pigmentation, etc. Since a long time, such people were regarded as people with deviated backgrounds for which the common society people were not ready to accept them. As a result, these people had to face a lot of problems while pursuing their studies, training, attending social groups or functions, applying for jobs, etc. Political correctness plays a lot of role in changing these concepts. According to political correctness, people with some social deviances facing so much of discrimination are illegal, and this should come to an end. They have the full right to live with freedom like others. Now, the question is, whether political correctness has achieved people’s positive response so far or not.

It has been found that no change is sudden and it takes place gradually. The struggle of political correctness has been continuing for a long time and still ongoing. But, there has been a lot of such examples created which shows people are now accepting political correctness gradually — for example, sexual or gender orientation. Previously, there were only two options like male or female in any applications or entries. But now, there are options with other gender identities as well. Even marriage is taking place between the same gender now which is legal, and nobody has the right to discriminate against them. They are happily accepted too.

Inter-caste or inter-religion marriages are common nowadays, and in high-class society groups, these are not a big deal, though gradual changes are still waiting in small towns and villages. Again, the concept of specific terminologies like “Black” has changed. While people used this term to determine color, now they avoid it as this sounds insulting for the Black-skinned people.

Thus, political correctness is a gradual acceptance among the people, but various results have revealed that they are accepted by a mass of people all around the world.

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Vineeth Mishra

Think beyond

One of the highly debated topics in recent times is whether we have taken political correctness way too far. But before writing anything on this title, it is important to know the definition of Political Correctness.
Political Correctness (or simple PC) includes a collection of certain policies, measures, rules, etc., aimed at preventing all sorts of offensive behavior and disadvantage on a particular section of the society. It prevents issues like marginalizing a particular caste/section of the society based on their sex, skin color, occupation, wealth, education, etc. 

One thing you should keep in mind that Political Correctness is a tool for totalitarianism and authoritarianism. But people started using the tool just the opposite way, i.e., using it as a tool for promoting cultural wars. When this tool is used improperly, it gives birth to narrow-minded self-interest drove people. Today, Political Correctness is being used for ugly uses, like using it as a tool for causing intolerance to facilitate diversity in speech and opinion. PC culture was supposed to represent the voice of the economically backward and oppressed sections of the society. Still, instead, it has evolved to become a tool of bullying and discrimination.
Yes, Political Correctness has gone way too far. At the present rate, it’ll soon be termed as a closer alt-right sympathizer. The use of the digital world has further worsened the situations, where the various social media platforms are being used to promote intolerance by simply using the phrase “I’m Offended” followed by an irrational statement. 
To support this statement, I’ll add one of Stephen Fry’s quote, which goes like- “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that’. As if that gives them certain rights. It’s nothing more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive’, it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase”.
It’s never late to start afresh. Change the way you see the world, and the world is already a better place with values like equity and equality.

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