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Do you prefer buying clothes in a local shop or online?

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Ricky Lal Rout

Purpose fuels passion

We all love shopping isn’t? Well, for me shopping is like therapy. It relaxes the mind. Moving on, all the shopaholics pay all your attention here. With the advancement of technology, e-commerce has widely spread all over the world. So, my answer is buying clothes online is much better than buying from a local shop. 

It has also become a trend. According to a survey, more than 80% of the online population use online shopping due to its various advantages. Let’s have a look at some plus points of online shopping.

•    There’s a wide variety of unique products available online which are not available at any local store.

•    The online sites shower us with huge discounts and cheap prices too. The reason behind this is the elimination of the middleman. Also, heavy competition among online retailers has helped in bringing down the costs.

•    We cannot forget about the comfort factor. With the advancement of online shopping, we can shop from our home, office or anywhere and also at any time. We don’t have to face crowded markets or queuing at the bill counters anymore which saves both our time and energy.

•    It also helps in comparing the prices and reviews of the products from different sellers and then we can decide who to buy from.

•    We can also search for precisely what we want. It makes the entire shopping process a lot easier.

•    If you think that the product won’t turn out to be the best. Then no worries, the secure online returns, and refunds got you covered.

•    Online markets are always evolving. They are coming up with various new and innovative ideas each day to amuse people. For example, Amazon Dash is a button which can be attached around the house – above the toilet or by the washing machine that lets you demand delivery of toilet roll or washing powder if you run out of it. 

•    Some websites like eBay also provide buyer protection to motivate people to buy from their site. If there is no delivery of an item by the seller or delivery of a wrong product, then the website will return your money.

•    Also, privacy can be maintained while buying online. Some of the things that we can’t buy publicly can be purchased online.

The online stores are a booming business today, and online shopping is also one of the most popular ways to make purchases. So, this was my honest answer for you guys. I know there will be both agreements and disagreements but choose your side carefully by keeping in mind your comfort and requirements. Hope this helped you. 


Hope Sparks

A bookworm who loves to write!

Shopping is a pastime for some people. It's a chore for others. Whether we like it or not, we have to shop. We all need food, clothes, and household goods, whether we're purchasing partisans or retail recluses.

At the very least, the ways for doing that interest or duty are expanding all the time. You may still take a leisurely stroll along each aisle while sipping hot coffee and listening to vintage pop music. However, while you wait for that casserole to finish baking, you can actually upgrade your entire wardrobe or totally stock your pantry.

With the evolution of shopping possibilities, a new hot discussion has erupted among individuals who don't want to squander their budget in stores or on the internet.

You might spend more than you intended when you step inside a store. A brief trip to get new socks can morph into a sweets binge as a reward for being a grownup and buying boring new socks. Oh, and you might need new shoes to match your socks.

Stores are well-versed in how to exploit your flaw. They want you to spend too much money! 1

You don't have to schedule your day around shopping when you purchase online. Almost everything you desire is literally at your fingers. This is amazing... and quite appealing to spenders. The magnificent internet world might sometimes feel just unreal enough that those purchases don't have the appropriate genuine consequence. Without realizing it, you can spend, spend, spend.

On sites like Etsy, Society 6, and Jenny's Print Shop, you may find wonderful, affordable art. It's like going to a craft expo from the comfort of your own couch. With the rise in popularity of small-business, internet-based shops, you can get a lot more—without having to spend money on gas to drive to your favorite hand-lettering pro in Boston.

Follow an online store you like on social media once you've found one you like. Throughout the year, you'll get notified of any specials or sales they have!

Toilet paper to toiletries are among the home goods available. Make use of the internet to your advantage. An Amazon Prime membership generally delivers free two-day shipping and the best price on basic items, as well as coupons that can be applied at checkout!

Purchasing home goods online allows you to compare prices quickly and simply. In the time it takes to drive to one store, you may visit ten online.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to buy toilet paper in bulk when you realize you've run out. Just make sure you're not overpaying for that convenience on a monthly basis.

Consider purchasing the majority of your children's clothing online if you have young children. You can take advantage of major bargains while avoiding the stress in the dressing room. Once you've figured out which places and brands are best for them, you can keep an eye out for internet specials before stocking up on what they'll need for the next season—or when they outgrow those jeans after only wearing them twice.

So, how about you? Getting into a physical store, browsing through rack after rack, and trying on piece after item may seem like more work than it's worth for those of us who are constantly on the go. When you buy apparel online, you may try it on at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

Because the size and style options in a physical store are limited, they might be much larger online.

Plus, if you sign up for emails from your favorite clothes companies, you'll be notified when they have massive online bargains, which is the greatest part for budget-conscious shoppers. And when we say huge, we mean it. If you're willing to wait (and you should be! ), the full-priced pants from last week might be 50% off today, with an additional 30% off!

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Even with the proliferation of two-day shipping options, nothing beats buying your new items in a physical store and walking out the door with them. So there you have it.

Plus, if you buy anything online and get the wrong size, you've just wasted even more time that you should be spending relaxing in your new clothes.

You may have to return it or pay for return shipping. Make sure you're informed of return policies at all times! When you buy something in a store, you won't have to rush to the post office or wait days for your money to be credited to your bank account when the warehouse gets your return.

If shopping online gives you options, shopping in a store gives you certainty. In-person purchases are far less unpredictable. The item fits, you like the fabric, the color isn't different from the depiction...

Look for bargains and coupons in emails, weekly advertising, and internet ads. When you go to the store, you can save money and save the hassle of returning packages.

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