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Can you share some tips to pass maths exams?

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Sanketika Munish

Just going with the flow

Almost 90% of the students around the globe have a fear of Mathematics. 

Mathematics is surely a tricky subject involving the use of several nerve-wracking formulas and theorems but if done in proper manner mathematics can be an easy and interesting subject.

Let us now discuss some tricks that you can follow to ace your mathematics test.

  • Regular Practice

The most important rule of Mathematics is an everyday practice.

You should devote at least an hour for mathematics on a regular basis.

You need to make mathematics your regular habit without failing. 

Now, how should you practice mathematics?

First of all, you need to chalk out a daily routine which you’ll follow without fail.

Then, you need to keep your daily chores updated, i.e. complete any homework given. 

After all the homework is finished, you need to select a topic and then start practicing the exercises.

If you’re starting any new chapter, then you need to study the solved examples thoroughly and then begin with the exercises.

If you have finished all the problems of a particular chapter, you can look up for some additional problems.

The number of problems of different types you solve, the more your confidence will boost up which will help you to ace any mathematics tests.

  • Be regular in class

You need to be regular in your classes and take notes properly and maintain that notes copy properly.

In case of any doubts, you should clear it immediately from your mathematics teacher without any delay.

The more you become engaged in your class, the better you will understand any problem even in the absence of the teacher.

After returning home, make sure you revise everything that was taught in your class and practice at least a few sums from those concepts.

  • Proper Revision

A majority of the students have been in a situation wherein they go completely go blank, even after knowing the solution to the problem.

This is due to the lack of proper revision.

Make sure you have proper time for revision.

Revise all the solved examples and practice a few of the important problems from the exercises.

Practice the geometrical problems and the graphs associated problems.

Mathematics can be easy when it is done in a regular and systematic manner.


Markeyvius Cathey

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