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Can you blow my mind with some physics facts?


Prerna Das

Do not stop until you are proud

Physics always played a very critical role in finding the mysteries of the earth and all its constituents. The contribution so far made by physics is remarkable as it managed to discover new facts which helped mankind in understanding the hidden secrets behind the functioning of this universe. In short, we can say that physics is the subject which revolves around the universe and shares various important secrets about it. Findings like laws of gravity, the natural unit of light and Planck’s constant made mankind aware of various secrets which are part of Physics. Below are some of the recognized discoveries which are absolutely mind-blowing by Physics. 

1. Quantum consciousness: 

It is one of the theories which were developed to resolve certain critical issues in regarding measurement in quantum physics and its associated facts which are outcomes of physical measurements which are completely dependent on what human’s think regarding their outcome.

2. An atom is very similar to an empty space: 

Nearly 99.9% of atom mass is present in its nucleus, which is having a density of around 10^14 grams per cubic centimeter. Hydrogen nucleus volume is almost trillion times lesser when compared with the volume of the atom and the surprising fact is that it still contains a maximum of its mass!

3. Time stops at equivalent to the speed of light: 

As per Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, time will stop if one is making a movement at the speed of light. The Speed of light will never be going to change and it makes the movement at the speed of 3 x 10^8 m/sec which always remains a constant. We all know no one can move as fast as light. Time dilation is the interesting thing about Special Relativity, which says that faster you make a movement, slower will be the time that passes in relation to the surroundings. Time will slow down very fast if you are moving at the speed of light, time will stop making movements. But, in reality, it is not at all possible to make movement right at the speed of light, by anyone until and unless you are the one made out of light.

4. A movement made against gravity: 

We believe that everything which is present on this earth makes movement according to gravity. The reality is something different. Let’s take an example.   Water can make an easy movement against the earth’s gravitational force at the time of running in the narrow capillaries. This particular process is known as capillary action. Hence gravitational force is not capable to control the movement of each and every particle which is present on this planet.

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