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Can I apply for a driving license in another state in India?


Daya Deepak

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The most basic fact about Indian license is that it doesn't matter from which state you obtained it. Because driving license acquired from anywhere is valid all over India. This means if you have an Indian Driving License, you can drive anywhere in India regardless of state or RTO office. But if you are traveling abroad, then you need to apply for an international license from the corresponding Zonal RTO.

This question usually comes up when people shift their stay to another state and want to drive vehicles there. Since Indian passport is valid inside India, you don't have to be concerned about the legality of your license. But if you are permanently shifting to another state, then you can apply for address change in license since it is the license address that is used to contact you regarding any issues with the vehicle, rules breaking, accidents, insurance claims, etc.

If the license is registered with the hometown state, then all the legal formalities concerning the license will be followed up in that state. The change of address is simple. You have to submit an application for a name or address change at the RTO office. You can collect the required forms from your RTO office.

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