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Why is political science called a science?


Aaron S Lopez

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Politics is an interesting subject for many. It is a social science which is mainly known to deal with the analysis of various political activities, behavior, thoughts and the system of government. In other words, the subject revolves around the practice and theory of political events in the country and the world. It is a subject that focuses on the distribution of resources and power in the political field.

Speaking of political science, have you ever wondered why it is called science? The subject is a part of the arts degree, but it is still called a science. This is very interesting, and if you know the reason behind it, you will find it all the more interesting.

Reasons why political science is called a science

Political science was referred to as science by Aristotle. According to him, the society develops, and the social sciences flourish when people develop their societies based on the rules mentioned by the political functions or activities.

Political science is considered to be a science because of the following reasons:

  • It is known to conduct studies and researches on society. It studies how people are living in a society under a given political structure.
  • Political science is also known to follow a scientific method and a particular research pattern which helps in studying the theories and practice of politics. If you thought that the studies are conducted, you are very wrong about it. It makes use of a systematic approach to the study the activities involved in the field of politics.
  • Political science is a part of the social sciences. It deals with the analysis, prediction, and description of political systems and behavior. The study of political science is based on subjective interpretations instead of hard data.

The study of political science as a form of science is itself surprising. The study of political science is a complex one as it involves complicated political behavior and processes. There are various ways through which you can study political science, scientifically. For example, the method of quantification. The other method includes theory building and hypothesis testing. Each of these ways is known to deal with a different aspect of political science.
The scientific method of studying political science is just a long route of studying the subject. 

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