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Which movies have the best cinematography?


Ander Roberto Varela

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By cinematography, we mean, the art of camerawork and photography in filmmaking. The cinematography adds more clarity to your story. For example, it helps the viewers to understand what the characters are feeling or where the story is going. In short, it is an important part of filmmaking.

Movies with the best cinematography

Cinematography is known to set the mood of the viewers. But sadly, in most of the movies today, the cinematographer hardly cares about the art. All they do is use huge lights, slow-motion shots, and lens flare to attract viewers. Well, this is not what cinematography means. If you want to view the beauty of true cinematography, you should check out the movies named below.

  • Aayutha Ezhuthu
    This is one movie where you can witness a lot of beautiful shots that have helped the story to develop better. This is a movie about intelligent physics students who want to change the current political scenario. But they are faced by the dirty politics played by the opposition. The story mainly revolves around the lives of three people whose lives change forever after the assassination attempt.
  • Raavanan
    Another movie you can watch is Raavanan. This is an interesting movie which depicts modern-day Ramayana but from the perspective of Raavan. Throughout the movie, you will realize the difference between the good and the evil. The story of Raavanan is a beautiful one, and the makers have developed the story in a very nice way.
  • Thalapathy
    Thalapathy is a movie which is based on a modern-day Karna of Mahabharata. If you notice, most of the shots in the movie have the sun in the background. That signifies that Karna is the son of Sun God.
    If you wish to be a cinematographer, you should check out movies like these to get a better idea.                                            

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