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What is the role of international law?


Anjana Roy

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Before we move into the main topic, one simple question for all the readers- Why do we need laws?

Well many of us have different justifications for this question, so let's make the answer more generalized. Laws are essential for the proper functioning of a country and to solve any disputes in an organized manner. There are various types and categories of laws which are a part of our constitution like Civil Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, International Law, etc.

Now, let’s define International Law.

International Law is a combination of rules and regulations which are accepted in between nations. International laws focus on providing a mutual sense of understanding and unity and brotherhood among the different nations.

International Laws are a combination of varieties of different laws:

  • Protection of Human Rights

  • Ways to prevent the environment.

  • International treaties

  • Conditions for using armed forces

  • International trade

  • Laws against international crimes

Let us now highlight the role and in turn, the importance of International Law.

  • Promoting Global Peace
    Perhaps the most important role of international law is the maintenance of global peace and in turn, global prosperity. The constituent nations have to maintain the rules and regulations described as per the international law to promote a sense of unity and brotherhood and in turn, promote global peace.

  • Framework for the International Bodies
    International Law provides a framework for the proper functioning of the different international bodies, which helps in conducting different international trade and business transactions, which in turn helps in establishing proper international relations among the different nations.

  • For engaging Diplomacy
    Diplomacy plays an important role while handling sensitive cases among different nations. International Laws help in the proper initialization of Diplomacy. With International Laws, the different nations can conduct smooth negotiations to prevent wars, an efficient way of improving the diplomatic relations among the nations of the world.

  • Solving disputes through mutual negotiations
    International Law helps in solving disputes among the surrounding nations through mutual agreement to prevent the use of destructive means for the same. Treaties are an effective way of solving disputes in a peaceful way.

  • The foundation of International Relations
    International Laws act as the foundation for the establishment and smooth conduction of international relations. It plays an essential role as it acts as both a shield for protecting the rights of a nation and also as a sword for criticizing the unlawful demands of other foreign nations.

International Law acts as the foundation for all other types of laws, all the states and nations frame their treaties and rules and regulations, keeping in mind the International Law.

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