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What is the brutal truth about fast-food?


Swetha Johra

Never be afraid of change

These days there is a growing tendency among people to go for fast food whenever possible. There are certain reasons responsible for that. First, it tastes too good, available easily and cost not much. There are some brutal truths about these fast foods which are not known to many. We are picking a few among them to share with you.

• One of the major brutal truths about fast food is that an individual having a weight above five pounds should never eat fast food. Fast food remains jammed full with calories and one who eats it remain pressured to consume a big part of it.

• You may feel sad when you consume fast food. We are sure that sounds really weird to you but that’s true. If you always eat a healthy diet and suddenly starts consuming fast food then that will increase the risk of having depression, based on a study on the subject of Public Health Nutrition. 

• The pictures we get to see fast food used in advertisements are mostly airbrushed and gets touch up with the application of fiberglass.  In general, it more than two hours time to prepare and present the hamburger.

• It’s a misconception that fast food costs you less. Rather you need to pay high to have fast food and for normal millet will cost you real low.

• Fast food is truly delicious as they are designed in that manner so that it can attract many. It’s one of a kind business which offers tasty food at a convenient price.

Above are some of the brutal truths which are on fast food which few know and majorly don’t know. You can speak to food experts and make an effort to know more interesting facts about the industry of fast food and brutal truths related to it.

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