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What is strategic business development?


Ishat Dugar

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Business Development generally involves all the steps aimed at developing and implementing different growth opportunities. Being a business development manager, you have a great role to play in achieving the desired business growth. The success of a company depends on the successful decisions taken at the right time, which in turn ensures maximum utilization of resources and also ensures maximum output. This process of making such timely decisions is termed as strategic business development.

Strategic Business Development is a combination of several rational and innovative decisions to improve the value of the business in the long run. It requires a combination of several lengthy procedures which involves the collection of proper data, analyzing the collected data, performing assessments both of an internal as well as an external basis. 

As rightfully described that  Strategic Business Development is advanced level management process aimed at the identification and approval of the business framework, perception, deep-rooted goals, directions and the target (ambition) of a company to validate that the concerned company is aptly arranged while keeping in consideration about its business (marketing) potential, tech-leverage, and accessible assets. Strategic Business Development provides a foundation for the improvement of strategic plans, and a solution to reach the goals (targets) as set by the company in terms of economic prosperity and other pioneering intentions. 

Strategic Business Development has several prime factors that contribute to it, which are mainly as follows:

  • The perception of the business.

  • The statement of the mission.

  • The values of the business.

  • The Objectives and goals associated with the business.

  • Business plans.

  • Business Programmes.

Now, why do we need to have strategic business development? 

Well, strategic development is essential to achieve the following factors:

  • Shaping a strong exoskeleton comprising of diplomatic business settlements as well as different business approvals.

  • Educating the audience about the business to motivate them.

  • It is triggering change management to pave the way for future business development and planning.

  • For tracking the business performance.

  • Also to support business standards.

Apart from the above-stated reasons, strategic business development plays a significant role in:

  • It acts as the link connecting the expected benefits of the business with the actual outcomes obtained. This allows us to debug our errors and equalize the exact issue with the desired results.

  • It serves as a platform to prepare a proper marketing plan aimed at product/service promotion, targeting audience and converting them into potential clients to improve sales and strengthen and widen the base of the company.

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