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What is flexible dieting?


Lakshmi Atwal

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Flexible dieting is all about knowing the intricacies of your daily energy consumption and feeding yourself with a balanced proportion of required nutrition.

The first step in flexible dieting is to know about your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). This includes the energy required for your daily physical activities like climbing up the stairs, normal walking and so on. The intensity of each physical activity determines the level of energy consumed. For instance, working out in a treadmill requires much more energy than inching around the house dreaming six pack abs overnight!

The second step is to list down all the nutrition required for your daily needs. The basic form of nutrition includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber, and fat. Whatever be the extent of daily physical requirements, all these are required on a minimum threshold basis. The key is to have detailed knowledge of what are the benefits of each of this nutrition and how they are useful for your needs. For instance, consuming more amounts of carbohydrates can pump up your stomach size more than your biceps!

The final step is to see how all the nutrition can be balanced in your diet. This is the simplest and the trickiest part as well. The good news is that there is detailed information on the nutrition levels of each type of food available in any related website you can try your hands on. The trickiest part, however, is to apply it in your diet on a daily basis without burning your brain muscles much on combinations to achieve the goal, or how the energy-mass relation of Einstein is related to TDEE!

Wait, have I missed something? I can hear you asking me if you need to sacrifice your daily heavenly ice cream for some sort of punished food like spinach, which may be almost useless in satisfying even your most minimal number of taste buds to even think of it as food! The good news is you can use your own math and permission of your taste buds to decide if you need a scoop of ice cream or the always seemingly small teaspoon of ghee on a day. What about weight loss? Whether you lose your weight or not, you can sleep over the fact that you are not going to gain any further weight!

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