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What do you have to do to become a history teacher?


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History can be defined as a study related to past and future events. People need to stay aware of what happened in the past by checking the things of the past from various sources like books, manuscripts, artifacts, for example, tools, pottery, and human as well as animal remains. The one who explains the history of different period or events to students in school, colleges and universities are considered the teacher or professor of history. 

To become a good history teacher, you need to be a very good storyteller, and you will find their existence in schools and Colleges. History teachers take the help of textbooks as well as outside resources, like primary and secondary materials, besides relevant, interactive media.

  1. Bachelor’s degree: To serve as a high school history teacher for both primary and secondary school, one needs to have a minimum bachelor's degree in education in addition to a major or minor either in history or social science. This is the bare minimum requirement for teaching students at the middle or high school the subject of history.
  2. State licensure: For teaching history in high school, you need to get the license for teaching after completing the teacher education program.
  3. Master’s Degree: Pursuing a master’s degree in history can ensure the success of the student as a history teacher in the future. You need to get enrolled with one of the best universities offering master's degree courses in history and that too of various branches. A Master's degree is required for teaching at community colleges.

Some of the popular branches of history include the following:

  • Diplomatic history
  • Economic History
  • Intellectual history
  • Military history
  • Political History
  • Social and Cultural history
  • World History
  1. Doctorate or Ph.D.: If you want to teach university students, you need to complete your doctorate program, which will take 2 to 5 years for completion. 

The salary of the history teacher depends on the level of education and the students (primary or secondary) whom the teacher will teach. Most successful high school teachers for history earn a bachelor's degree in this subject, and it takes around four years of study to complete the course full-time.

If you wish to become a good history teacher, then you need to remember History teachers need to have the quality to communicate effectively with students as well as their parents in case they have any queries about their child’s progress in class. Besides, this history, teachers must be capable of engaging students while educating them and sharing information on the subject of history via multiple modes. 

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