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What can you do with a criminology degree?


Abhinav Kumar

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Nowadays, there are numerous opportunities to establish your career. The world has progressing day by day as the technological as well as the social development takes place; newer opportunities start to knock your door whether you are from humanities background or science. You can find career options according to your choice. Criminology is one of the most important streams of Humanities. Criminology is the subjective study on crime, criminals, and its effect on society or how the social phenomenon is related to the existence of crime. If you are studying Criminology or willing to study, then you should be informed that there are more multiple career options for you in the future. Here are some of the options below:

1. Probation or protection officer

Probation or protection officers are directly attached to the victims or convicts who have undergone through crime and surviving for rehabilitation. These professionals interact with them directly and find out for several preventive or therapeutic interventions so that the survivals can get back to their mainstream of life. 

2. Correctional Home in-charge

Studying criminology can let you give a career of supervising or monitoring the correctional homes. These professionals are required to take positive measures and intervention techniques so that the natural environment of the survivals may influence them towards a better flow of life.

3. Police officer

Your chances to get selected as a police officer through various competitive exams or interviews get increased to a high percentage if you have an educational background in criminology. 

4. Forensic investigator

A forensic investigator needs a detailed education on crime and criminals as well as society. Criminology is the best subject which can earn you with such knowledge and degree. After that, you can get training on technical and forensic lab issues and opt for a career for a forensic investigator.

5. Criminal Lawyer

This is again one of the best careers for the students of criminology. After passing the Graduation on criminology, you can choose your master’s on Law. Thus you can easily pursue a successful career as a criminal lawyer.

6. Public or private investigator

Any cases which are related to crime needs the support and intelligence of an investigator to get an authentic conclusion. Nowadays, there are opportunities in government as well as some private agencies where they need investigators. Besides, you can also open your agency as a private investigator and establish your career.

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