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What are the ways to succeed in social media marketing?


Randolph Dwyer

Form ever follows function

Whether you are building a personal profile or trying to increase the size of a business, social media marketing is of prime importance, and you need to learn to succeed with it. With the advent of smartphones and tablets social media has become the new TV and entertainment, businesses now think twice before spending on advertisements which people seldom pay attention to anyway.

The sheer demand for quality content is very high, people can easily click away 5-second ads and banners, but they will watch even a 4-minute video of good quality content that caters to their need for utility or entertainment.

  • Lots of good content

Creating a lot of content without compromising on quality will majorly help with SEO, for example, if you have a YouTube channel, create as many meaningful videos as possible. Good quality content means it is informative, shareable and adding value to peoples’ lives.

  • Automate wherever possible

Bots cannot emulate human creativity, so the task of creating content is still yours, but they will save you a vast amount of time and effort by posting and spreading it across various platforms. Try out some of the free tools and apps before you subscribe to the paid ones.

  • Choose the best platforms

Here we should adopt a “bottom to top” approach; we need to choose the social media platform depending on the target audience. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram will appeal to consumers of young demographic and LinkedIn will be ideal for attracting businesses and employees. We should be wary of being omnipresent on all platforms, as it will be exhausting on the people who manage it.

  • Engage the audience

Successful social media marketing requires businesses to engage their current followers and felicitate traffic to attract new ones; this can be done by promptly responding to posts, questions, and grievances. Use relevant hashtags that will make your content easily discoverable and use links in your posts which can direct the community to use blogs, websites, and events.

  • Capitalize on Influencer marketing

Cost of advertising is on a steep rise, and the ROI may not be very encouraging; influencers can do a great job to promote your business, and you can save money as it is an underpriced market.

Even if you are creating top-notch content consistently, analytics shouldn’t be forgotten; you need to figure out how to bring web traffic to your social pages the same way SEO works. It’s an emerging market and things change all the time, you may figure out a hack to get YouTube views, and the algorithm may change in a couple of months; so you got to be on top of the social media game or hire someone onboard who is.

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