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What are the signs of poor work-life balance?


Sadhika Ravish

Conquer from within

The life of an individual is highly demanding, and the need for work-life balance is a must. 

Most of the time it has been noticed many of us fail to maintain a proper work-life. Sometimes we spend huge time working on our professional desk and hardly get time to pay attention towards maintaining an appropriate balance of work. You may be a bit confused about the exact meaning of work-life balance. Technically, it can be defined as the division of an individual’s time as well as life focus between professional work and family/leisure activities. It is true that if you fail to maintain a proper work-life balance, then it will be difficult to experience happiness.

Facts that indicate that you have a poor work-life balance:

• Body pain and other health issues: If you are involved in work for a maximum period of the day then your body will start reacting. This mainly happens if you do not pay attention towards doing exercises and your body signals that it needs rest. Chronic pain in neck and shoulder area is a major indication of poor work-life balance.

• A sense of tiredness: Sometimes it is noticed that you always get a feeling of fatigue in your body.  You won't be able to enjoy a solid sleep of eight hours at night and experience restlessness on the bed. It means your brain is overloaded and it is not able to make any concentration towards relaxation. 

• The absence of social life: If you remain engaged in work all through the day, you will not get the chance to attend any social gathering. Hence you will not be able to have a social life due to huge work pressure and indicates poor lifestyle. 

• Work all day: This mainly happens to those who are extremely workaholic. These type of people work all through the day and get less time for their family and friends. 

• Start dozing: If you start noticing that you are falling asleep while at work, then you must understand that your body is not responding properly due to the huge work pressure that you are taking. This situation can affect adversely on your health. 

• Frustrated: If you are getting frustrated under pressure then this is the sign that you are not able to balance the work life with your personal life in a proper way. 

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