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What are the most watched sporting events in the world?


Shakeel Shihad

Progress over Perfection

Television shows and Entertainments have provided a lot of fun and quality time to human life. There are more than two hundred television apps on smartphones where you can enjoy all the shows.

Among the most watched shows and events, one belongs to the sports. People pass a lot of time watching games. Some of the other sports events run almost every year. You cannot get bored if you are a sports lover. Here lies a list of a few sporting events in the world which are being mostly watched by the viewers.

1.Olympic Games: Almost 2 billion viewers

The event which comes every four years with a series of different games and sports covering almost all the countries of seven continents is the Summer Olympic Games. Here people can see such sports which were unknown to nearly all. The energetic view and fast approach of the games make it desirable for all the viewers to watch it without fail.

2. Asian Games: Almost 900 million viewers

The biggest continent of the world celebrates the athletic events by bringing all the countries of Asia to fight for the Cup. This is one of the top most watched sporting event with around 900 million viewers in the world.

3. FIFA World Cup: Almost 4 billion viewers

FIFA is considered the world’s God-gifted sporting event which creates a huge sensation among the people. Even countries which are not participating in the FIFA World Cup tournament are die-hard fans for the game.

4. FIFA Confederations Cup: Almost 1 billion viewers

FIFA organizes another football tournament every year in June which is being headed by Russia. This is called the FIFA Confederations Cup which again has a lot of viewers of about 1 billion.

5. Rugby World Cup: Almost 800 million viewers

Countries in the Northern Hemisphere like England, Scotland, Wales, France, etc. get a tough fight with the Southern Hemisphere countries like Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc. through Rugby. This event shows some about 800 million viewers.

6. UEFA Champions League: Almost 2 million viewers

If there is a football tournament after FIFA, then it is the UEFA Champions league of Europe. FIFA World Cup tournament's participants also compete here. The total number of viewers are recorded as 2 billion.

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