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What are the most important google ranking factors?


Riya Kapoor

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Getting good rank on the Google search engine is something that every website owner wants. However, it is not at all a simple task to get the top rank on Google. You can do it if you understand the algorithms of Google and follow the guidelines given by the Google Webmaster.

Factors to consider for Google Ranking:

Here I will tell you the most important Google ranking factors that can help you get the desired results. Scroll down and check out:

  • Quality of Content: If you want to get the higher results on the search engines having quality content is a must. Yes, content is still the king that offers in-depth knowledge. If your content has covered the broad spectrum of the subject you are sure to get the results and meet the goals. The content on your website should meet the real value of the subject and must be engaging as well as informative. It should also be free from plagiarism.
  • Content-Length: It is not always required to have a bigger length of the content if it is rich with information. However, according to the experts having a good length of the content gives better chances of having a top rank on the search engines. Using the semantic search of Google to have rich content with good keywords is a good approach. Meeting the criteria of related search gives better chances of having the content optimized in a better way.
  • Canonical tag: It becomes tough for having two or more URLs to avoid similar content. In such a case avoiding duplicate content is tough and using the canonical tags on your site can help. It tells Google that one of the URL is equal to the other and it clearly states that the two pages having similar content are basically one.
  • Image Optimization: You can optimize the media of your website with alt text and captions. Using description helps the making relevancy on the search results and you can use the keywords in this context.
  • Backlinks: Using backlinks is also an important factor in SEO and this isn’t a new concept. Getting more backlinks can get you better search results in the search engines. Having backlinks that match the anchor text can be great practice for getting the good rank of your website on Google.
  • Mobile first index: With more and more people using mobiles to access the internet, it has become an important practice to make the SEO according to mobile users. Having content that adapts the mobile version is indeed a great practice for your website.

So above are the important factors for Google ranking which you need to consider.

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