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What are the key trends shaping influencer marketing?


Radha Din

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The hottest trend in the digital sphere throughout 2018 was Influencer marketing. The trend will continue in 2019 also.  For 2019, various companies and brands are looking for new trends to shape influencer marketing in a way that it gives better and more successful results in the fast-evolving industry.  

Key trends which are shaping the path for influencer marketing:

There are some specific key trends perfect for developing influencer marketing for you. Scroll down and check out:

•    More and more brands are planning to set a more substantial portion of their marketing budget for the influencers. Many major brands are focusing on making long-term and better associations with the influencers and offering them more power to enhance the creativity of the campaign. So investing more on the influences is going to get better and effective results for the big as well as small brands. Setting up a big budget on such a practice is expected to get enhanced business experience and brand exposure.

•    Another trend that is going to be followed for influencer marketing is investing in the micro-influencers. The micro-influencers are the people on digital media space with less than 10,000 followers; however, they are capable of engaging people through their content. The micro-influencers have their niche in which they are experts, and the popular ones are related to travel, fashion, design, and leadership. The micro-influencers have already proved their worth in the last year, and this year they are going to get you valuable marketing on the digital platforms.

•    Being more aware of the strategies can help you get real results as desired by your company. To create brand awareness and effective marketing, influencers are playing their part; however, having your strategies is a must. Moreover, the influencers should compliment your plan and bring your message across multiple channels.

•    Last year’s primary concern was the follower fraud and this year it is going to be a no show as more and more companies are strict on this. So you must also make a policy to keep a check on the manipulations of the followers. Beware of the fake accounts and never do business with such influencers if you want to do effective marketing of your brand.

Hope the points mentioned above related to the latest and the main trends of influencer marketing serve you as valuable information for your successful influencer marketing campaign. Try to make its application for your business, and surely you will achieve success with your business.  If you have any other questions regarding this topic, a trained and experienced professional can answer on this topic with explanations.

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