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What are the different types of email marketing?

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Shirley Barro

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Email marketing is an effective way to make money online. It is the best marketing strategy to reach a bulk of customers in a short time and that also individually. While you are using the email marketing strategy, you need to follow the perfect professional tone in your email content. There are various types of email marketing strategies which vary in their sounds and approach. Here is the list of such email marketing types:

1. Welcome emails

Welcome emails are engagement emails which are the initial step to interact with the subscribers. As the name suggests, welcome emails should be very attractive and professional in its approach so that your subscribers feel an urge to click your emails whenever you send them emails later. 

2. Promotional or campaigning emails

This is the most common and engaging email marketing format through which you can launch or promote your products to your clients or customers. Here you should be very touchy and innovative in selecting the email subject as this is the first eye catcher for your clients. Add a lot of humor, eagerness, curiosity in this type of email.

3. Invitation and Survey Email

These emails are very influential when there is a need for responses for any surveys or events. The respective clients or audiences are approached through sending invitations with detailed information so that they participate in the conducted surveys or events and present their valuable opinions.

4. Confirmation Email

These are such emails which are more essential for the clients or customers compared to the business professionals. Through these emails, the business companies send a specific confirmation through which the customers get sure about their own bookings, transactions, dates, etc. These are proofs or invoice on behalf of the company and act as a source of trust between the customers and the company.

5. Tutorials or  video based emails:

These emails are again among the engaging emails and very much informative by nature. This helps the customers to get access to various types of educational blogs, videos, links or sites. They benefit both the customers and the owner through the clicks.

6. Follow up emails

For the client-service based business, follow up emails maintain a flow of communication among the clients and the partner organizations. These emails are meant for receiving feedbacks, making the clients remember about a proper event or proposal or insisting them to accept the proposal.

7. Thank-You Emails

This type of email belongs to the most professional and healthy tone of the business. It ensures how you care for your customers or clients even after your dealing is complete. This creates a positive impression too.


Denny Luyis

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1. Welcome Emails

Initial contact with prospects typically finds them unready to do business. In fact, research shows that only 25% of leads are immediately sales-ready, while 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. Nurturing, therefore, is critical for pushing your leads closer to the buying stage.

Welcome emails show better open and click-through rates when they offer a personal touch and introduce your organization without slathering on the sales pitch. Don’t introduce a new product or service before you’ve built a relationship. Simply work on giving off a good first impression — one that illustrates your industry knowledge and expertise — and pave the way for future contact.

Advantages Of Welcome Emails

  • The Start Of A Business Partnership: When you fire off that first welcome email to potential prospects, it's the first step in forming a relationship. When done correctly, this will be a positive experience for them and will leave them more receptive to future emails. In fact, subscribers who read an initial welcome email will read 40 percent more content from a sender over the subsequent 180 days. 
  • Boost Metrics: Welcome emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than standard marketing emails. This can be a good way to kickstart your email marketing metrics for the better.

Disadvantages Of Welcome Emails

  • Bad First Impressions: A welcome email is the first communication you will have with a potential buyer and if you don't nail it right out of the gate, you can blow any chance of closing a deal. 

2. Email Newsletters

Many businesses and organizations send email newsletters to stay top of mind for their recipients. Most industrial businesses actually use email newsletters as the foundation of their email marketing program because they are great tools for educating customers and prospects about your business and showcasing employee profiles, company passion projects, and relevant graphics. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of creating email newsletters, you will need to determine your goal. What is it that you want your email newsletter to achieve? You might want to nurture your existing contacts and become the first brand they think of when they need a product or service in your industry. Or your goal might be to increase sharing so that you attract new people to your list. As you define your goal, think about what metrics you can use to track your progress.

Read More: Marketing Goals Vs. Marketing Strategy

Newsletters are great not only for marketing to prospects, but also for nurturing your existing customers with company news and events, product announcements and feedback requests. Such ongoing communication will help you retain happy customers and collect valuable insights about them, so make sure you're using a marketing CRM like Hubspot to send your emails and track metrics. 

For example, if your goal is to drive traffic to specific pages, you would need to closely monitor click-through rates (CTR). A CTR measures the number of times someone has clicked the link versus the number of people who viewed the link.

New Data: 2020 Industrial Marketing Benchmarks

What kinds of links do they click on the most? Can you upsell to them at all? Which email subject lines have a high open rate? What time of the day is better to send an email? Without a marketing CRM, these questions are left unanswered — and actually one of the top pitfalls industrial sellers and marketers experience.

(Need a refresher on marketing terms? Check out The Essential Dictionary Of Industrial Marketing Terms You Should Know.)

As you work on your newsletter layout and content creation, stay mindful of your goal and make sure you are working towards meeting it by prioritizing the design and placement of calls-to-actions.

Advantages Of Email Newsletters

  • Brand Awareness: Similar to newspapers, newsletters create certain anticipation in readers. Whether it is a daily newsletter or a weekend communication, readers get into the habit of receiving it. So if you're considering sending email newsletters, make sure you're sending them on a regular cadence. If readers enjoy the content, they will most likely stay subscribed to the newsletter. Building a habit in your email subscribers enables them to recognize your brand and associate it with a positive sentiment.
  • Repurpose Content: Newsletters generally contain information that you have already published. Many companies do quick summaries of their most popular blog posts and link to the articles from their newsletter. In this way, they bring subscribers back to the company website and engage them with more company content.
  • Diverse Content: Email newsletters give you the freedom to include different content types all in one email that might be important to your organization. For instance, the same newsletter can contain a popular blog post, a new offer, an announcement of an upcoming event, information about a discount and a link to a survey. There might even be a video embedded in the email. 

Learn More: 5 Uncommon Ways Industrial Businesses Use Videos To Increase Sales

Disadvantages Of Email Newsletters 

  • Diluted Call-To-Action: Due to their format — a long compilation of information — newsletters can be overwhelming with multiple calls-to-action. If you include a series of blurbs or article summaries, the attention of your recipients will most likely be spread across these tidbits of information as opposed to staying focused on a certain element. Of course, you can address this by prioritizing the most important information at the top of the newsletter and include a clear call-to-action after/alongside each block of text.
  • Design: With newsletters, the layout becomes a much more complicated task than with dedicated email sends. You’ll have to spend some time deciding on the right placement of images and text, alignment and prioritization of information. This is where A/B testing comes in to play.


Ricki Tomphson

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